Little help needed

My saturn isn't readin the CDs (SS and Music cds) the disc just stops moving. I think the len is out of line. i think my sister might have played with it. any help?
Doesn't the CD move at ALL I mean any little movement at all? cause if it starts moving somewhat but doesn't boot then your using shitty CDs wich is very rare cause the Saturn takes everything from no name discs from Irak to the finest Kodak discs from utopia
I think he is talking about official games though, so it may be something else.

Could you clarify exactly what happens when you put a cd in?
u may want to clean your lens, a greesy finger print may cause similiar problems.

i used to kick my saturn, and sadly it did the trick as well.
I used to have to tilt my saturn at a 45 degree angle to get it working. Then i discovered that there is a lens alignment screw but you have to take the saturn apart to access it, and the plastic guard which the lens slides along. The screw is to the side of the lens and only needs the tiniest fraction of a turn. But try cleaning it with a cotton bud soaked in meths/alcohol first!