Looking for Beta Testers for satakore.com

Hi there! I am looking for beta testers for my site satakore.com

Anyone that use my site for Sega Saturn searches, for managing their collection or for searching items to buy on eBay.
This will be to test it on multiple devices like phones (android and ios), PC with small and large screens, with multiple browsers.
The goal is to help me identify possible bugs on some configurations that I can't test myself.

Beta tests will be opened in some weeks.
Beta testers will only need to register on the site and give me his/her username, here on the forum, or on discord. Then I will contact them here when beta test will be opened.

Thanks for you help and interest.
Hey, sounds like you finally managed to get the new design done. I'm sorry I couldn't do it for you, I've been busy with so many other things.
Is it still that grey/blue one you sent me a long time ago?
Heh, one step at a time :D
For now on, the site will finally be responsive (after all these years), and that's a big step.
Then, I think it will be easier to change graphics and such, if needed. I have not decided yet if I will use the grey/blue design in the future.
Well, good luck. I'd like to test it but I won't volunteer this time - if I was any reliable you would've had the new design up more than five years ago.

I still need to do something with those manuals you sent over too. That was something incredibly huge and I botched it.
Hey @Madroms !

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