Lunar RPG on SX

Ok Ive been thinking about it... forum game was ok, but went nowhere. Lunar on the otherhand we ALL know. Anyways pick a person and lets go! (You may do final fantasy or working designs char) Rules? Simple... role play... dont be silly or so. Also when claiming your character please state all reasons why you are them. Then we can start. As for me?

I am Lucia of The blue Star.

Everyone says I have no emotions, cold, and never catch on about a joke. (Isnt that right ftp forum?)

Also not much is known about me. Mess with me or my work and Ill cast a spell on you.. (Bad enough I use Lucias spell in Ultima Online... "Do not interfear!" Damn Dragons never learn!)

Oh final note, this does not take after the games. So Hiro is NOT on the blue star etc. Lets see how well we do. Combinding a few rpg chars in Lunar world.
(Psst! Myst!!! May I propose to add more games to choose up chars expl:SF3 it has many and it will be helpfull enough! What you think? I can't find a person that goes to me from Lunar or FF.)

NOTE: If by "combining" you mean what I said then ignore this post... and... you're not emotionless...
I think I'm like Squall from FF8.

I'm quiet, most of the time I'm anti-social (I like it that way), and I'm usually too wrapped up in my own problems to give a damn about anyone else's
Ok I figured youd want more. Just combind them somehow. Then we need to decide on the world really. =P

As for me. Its what they all say. Cold and unemotional. Dont know why really but thats what they say.
Just add the Phantasy Star universe to the mix, and you can link all worlds you can thikn of, using space travel :p

hmm... Profund Darkness teams up with Zophar and Bulzome, versus Althena, Elbesem and... that'd be a hell of a war.
Oh, nice so can we add Shining Force characters to the mix, right?

I'll be Masqurin, the Magician elf-girl from Shining Force III. I'm like her because I'm most times optimistic, always cheerful and ready to help my friends! Like Masqurin, I'm also curious and got a good humour sense, and sometimes tend to act like a child...

Heheh so we added Shining games. ::bigrin::

Well then, I'm Rodi from "Shining the Holy Ark". I like that guy and it looks like that I'll have the same hair with him in 6 months from now.

Oh I forgot to mention that I have a ninja sword as long as his!

-Oh!! Hi Masqurin!! *stares her breasts*
Oh sure Silender, so we're adding Shining Force. I hope Mysticales won't mind.

Masqurin says in excitement: "Hiii Rodi, how do you do!?"

- But she notices he *stares her breasts*.

Masqurin quickly *pokes her staff in his head* and laughs out loud.

Yay I love role playing. Can't wait.


how will this all play out? or are you going to come up with some sort of rules and all that stuff after you get the basics down?
Yikes!!! That hurts...

*Rodi gives Masqurin a cut flower*

Teehee... sorry about that!

(Just watch what we're doing jim993)
ok i'm the dog from shining force

"woof, woof."

ya myst you should have planed out what you wanted out of this before hand and then established it in the first post.
*Walks along with Masqurin and hopes that she forgave him*

- Who is this girl standing there

*points at Lucia and accidentaly he walks on the dog's tail*