Lunar The Silver Star for SegaCD, Audio WAY fast?

Has anyone had this problem? I got the ISO, and mp3s, then converted said mp3s to wavs, and ran a few of them on winamp, sounded good.

But then, when I burned the game, the CD-sound speed is 10 times faster than normal. What did I do wrong? I used FireBurner to burn the game, and this is the first of 10 or 12 games that does this.

Is this a known issue? Anyone ever heard of this? Im using the Kega emulator, and i tried setting Perfect Sync to On, and it didnt help.
Did you play just the audio tracks with a CD player or something? If it plays fine on a CD player, then it's probably the emulator acting funky.
have you tried the loading the ISO+MP3 combo into Kega? (if kega doesn't do it, GENS will), load the ISO, and the Kega will find the MP3's (assuming they are all in the same folder)
In Gens the MP3s need to be named a certain way, look in the manual included to see acceptable ways to have them named.

when you say the CD audio plays 10 times faster than normal, are you exaggerating? Perhaps you mean they play exactly TWICE as fast as normal. Which is easy to explain.

Play the mp3s again in WinAMP, and have a look at what WinAMP says the encoding rate as well as the sampling frequency are.

Most likely some moron encoded the audio at too low a bitrate (64kbps, if not even less). At such low rates, any CD-quality audio is automatically downsampled from 44.1kHz to 22.05kHz.

Normally, CD-burning software should recognize such audio and upsample it again to match CD-quality specs (44.1kHz 16-bit stereo). Your program may have failed to do this, so now you're stuck with the classic Mickey Mouse effect.

The only workaround I can think of is to decode the mp3s to wav files manually, then load each wav into a sound editor and resample it to 44.1kHz...
I had this same problem with Lunar and Snatcher in Gens. It's been awhile since I used them, but there's some setting that'll fix it. Let me dig around for it and see if I can be of more help.