M(S)ega CD releases page

Hi all,

In the last 4 weeks, I have worked on a M(S)ega CD release page, like CherryRoms for the Snes or the genesis project.

My target is to list all ever released M(S)ega CD games in a database. I miss only a few japanese games but ebay helps a lot.

the database provides with:

-screens, covers

-existing versions

-japanese names of games

-games released only in eu or jap for example

-genre and release dates

-a advanced search function

-comments (the visitors write the comments themselves like a guestbook for each game)

-voting (the visitors vote for the games, a top five is presented in the news ticker)

so, the site lives from your comments and votings, hopefully.

if database is filled up to 10 %, i will go online.

Hopefully the work wasn't useless and a few people are interested in my offer.

Furthermore I need help to find out, what versions are released in eu. It's hard to find out. selled pal versions on ebay helps in this case too.

I don't have created the sonic and the transparent megacd on the picture and I don't know where I have downloaded it. If the person, to who belongs the pictures, doesn't want that I use it, he/she should write me an email at: PiCiJi@gmx.de In this case, I will remove it.

maybe you have suggestions and sorry for my bad english


Great idea. I like it.

If you want, I can provide Manual and Cover Scans of the Brazilian versions of the games.
thanks for helping me out. I am working on the screens and cover section, currently. I am trying to include a upload possibility. So you can upload screens and covers in the database. A third option are special screenshots. So, people are able to upload screeens with a short comment, like the last boss or bonus stage and so on.

By the way, that doesn't mean, I don't want to insert gamescreens. I will make a lot of them, time by time.
The old SegaBase site has information on basically all Sega CD / Mega CD titles known to exist. I currently have the SegaBase files up at http://segacd.org, but most of the information has been the same for 2 or 3 years (I updated some of the files when I aquired the archive) VG Rebirth also has a lot of information on Sega CD games. It seems like it would be a waste of resources to start from scratch again. Maybe it would be better for you to contribute one of the existing sites. I would consider implementing a chat board or voting system or whatever other good ideas, if they were well planned out.
The site will go online next week. In the last 2 months I had to work but now I have time to complete the script. so it's my first site and i have tried to learn php, mysql, javascript, html by producing this site.

the database with games, regions, producer, release year, japanese game name and so on is filled up to 100 %...hopefully

The picture upload , voting and comment writing functions are done. Your uploaded pics are inserted immediately. The pictures are shown in small and original size (correct aspect ratio) by clicking on them.

There are 3 types of pics for each game.

After I checked that the site can handle more user requests, i will begin to upload pics, hopefully you give me assistance.

A top five (voted games) is given in the newsticker.

p.s. hope you can read my english
so the site is online now: www.piciji.net

the min. resolution is: 1024 x 768, maybe 800 x 600 is comming in the future.

the site works with Netscape > 4.x, I.E. > 4.x, Mozilla > 1.x, Opera > 7.x

the buttons: links, technical and best rpg are not finished yet.

have fun

email: segacd@piciji.net
yeah I know. I marked only pal games, where I know that a pal version exists.

Do you have any hints for me?

I got a bad review about the too small info screen.

I want to redesign my site. 3 frames instead of 4.

the layout from www.thelegacy.de What do you say to this layout.

A menu bar frame, a showing title frame and a huge info frame.

All infos on one site: general infos + voting, screens and at the end of the site the comments, coment insert form and pic upload form

The Sonic on my site will disapear including the useless flying info.

Of course all uploaded picture will be inserted in the new designed page.
Ask SegaFreak about the PAL MegaCD games. He has a complete list of them which I also use to complete my MegaCD collection