Majora's Mask boss battles

I recently replayed Majora's Mask and I was remembering how easy it was to beat Goht the first time, all the bosses were pretty difficult other than Goht. After I finished MM for the second time, I went online looking at Walkthroughs because I forgot how to use the glitch for the Fierce Diety's Mask outside the boss rooms and I notice that I fought Goht in a different way than they did, and they didn't mention the way I did it. All the Walkthroughs I looked at said the way to beat Goht was to roll behind it after it was defrosted with Goron Link along the path, avoiding its attacks and hitting its legs until it dies.

Funny, I beat it by shooting fire arrows at it, standing at an angle within the entrance way. It takes about 16 arrows this way and it takes longer, but I hardly got hurt; sometimes one of the bombs it throws might have landed next to me, but I just blocked it with the shield. There's no wrong way to beat it I suppose, I just noticed that is all.

Not looking for advice on how to beat something I already beat, but how did you beat Goht? Did you sit and shoot arrows at it or did you roll behind it and attack its legs? Or maybe another way? I'm curious to know how others played against it.
The conventional way. It would take a real Zelda noob or well, pussy to do it like on the first try IMO, no offence meant of course.
By conventional way, you mean roll around behind it and attack, right?

There's no wrong way to beat a boss in any Zelda unless it doesn't work. Technically, shooting arrows at it isn't the "pussy" way of beating it, it's just an easier way. I beat it the other way too, not like it's hard to do that either, but I wouldn't think of either way as being the "pussy" way.
By that, I mean first time players eiter a) dying too much or b) OMG 2 HARD I DONT WANT 2 DIEZ! and then finding out they can just stand there and shoot him. So, yeah :)

But multiple ways to beat bosses... they should implememnt that in more games, just like Resi4 did with the final boss....
Heh, I find out I can sit and shoot the boss without dying once. It's not really the easy way out, more like a trick. It's almost like that Wind Waker glitch where you can fight Puppet Ganon without getting harmed if it knocks you into the wall. Hey, if there's a way to do it, you got to use it.

That's one of the joys of playing Zelda multiple times, in my opinion; you can always find a new way to complete an activity.