New Sega CD game "Citizen X" a fake?

I have a copy of the Citizen X beta at home, which Arakon released on this very site literaly years ago. I can say from first hand experience that the screenshot displayed here is an exact match.

So is this "new game" actually new? Did they rip it off? Did they buy the rights and finish off development?

Anyone have any clues?

I hope they worked on the gameplay, because if it's anything like the beta, it stinks! :p
No it's not a fake, but it is still the beta.

Good deal games spell out the fact that it's just a beta on their Citizen X page. It would be interesting to know how they got it ...
hehe, they were stuck in the sewer maze stage for years, hehe, i wonder who said, "moded!" or "slam!" to the guy who kept on saying, "i'm telling you guys, the code is incomplete!"
It does say that it is a beta on the GDG page - can't seem to find it on the OldGames site, but that seems like a bit of a rip off. If you got the game in its current form from Arakon, Mowgli, then that means they probably got it from the same source. They do claim "We have had this game in testing for years", which would put it in a similar timeframe.

Kind of a bit stingy selling somthing like that, if that is the case...
Well it looks like the game was originally designed by Digital Pictures. I would assume they shored up the official rights to this game from whomever owns the current copyright.

Any bets that Timecop is next?

or how bout Penn & Teller's Smoke & Mirrors?
Who would pay $30-$40 for these?

You'd have to be a hardcore collecter or have a lot of time on your hands.
It's actually listed as $24.99, but I still get your point.

Maybe they are trying to sell to people who are keen to get their hands on game betas. ???
I guess -- maybe if they're luckly they'll sell 10 copies.

From the looks and sounds of the games, I wouldn't waste my bandwidth to download them for free.

BTW, some of the others they are selling are more $, I believe.
Digital Pictures was the original designer of the game ...

I remember reading a "pre-review" years ago in a gaming mag about it ..

It also inculded a picture of a clown w/ a gun ... My kind of clown ....
I hope you guys are wrong and its not as bad as you say
i just ordered it heh.
Me too mikey, maybe we all should learn how to code SCD games and start to make games for it which kick ass, will never happen but would be cool.
I got this game about 2 years ago, its stupid as hell and horrible all the way through....yes I got pretty far in it, and watch alot of the movies in it, and other than the intro at the beginning the game is horrible as hell....
yeah whats with the freakin maze underground?? it seems to have no end? anyone want to tell me how to get through it, and no sarcasim please, I need a map on this maze.....I kill tons of the same guys and it never ends, but I get tons of different movies....blah..
Actually good deal is going to have a walkthrough for the maze in the coming months if you can wait so i've heard. because so many people got stuck they thought the game was incomplete, which it is but atleast u can get further then the maze heh.
if the game is incomplete what happens when you get to the end? I mean where does it end...does it just freeze or what? have you gotten to its end...
From the Good Deal Games Citizen X page
This game is an incomplete program in beta form. It is VERY stable and gameplay is extensive. We have had this game in testing for years, and feared that the code was incomplete in the sewer maze stage. However, we have finally solved the puzzle and now have the solution to the maze, which opens up an enormous amount of additional gameplay. We will be posting the sewer maze solution online in the future for those of you that get stuck. Can you solve the riddle??

They don't actually say that the game is incomplete, but then they don't say it is complete either.
ahh nevermind, it wasnt the sewers that was hard, it was the fighter at the end of the sewers but I just blew him up with dynamite killing myself losing a life in the process, now Ive gotta escape and Ive got 20:00 to escape and find this remote...but my game freezes up/glitches after the movie....most of the time...know where to go from here? I blew up the floor and headed east and got to the suicidal clown, now what blow him up too?
.....moments later, yup blew him up too.
) and I blew up the MIME also, and went up and up and up and up finally outta the damn sewers!! Hoorayy!! Now if it didnt glitch up halfway through I would be able to see my charactor.
sad.gif least I know how to get to the fairgrounds now.
plus I killed all 20 million clowns in the tiny car...but now the screen is pitch black and frozen up, but the clown music still plays in the bg??? damn buggy game...

Note: the glitch occurs when an enemy follows you up the stairs to the Karate end boss, if you get there first they hit the top of the stairs and get stuck.....screws up the game badly.