New User Titles


Ban Hammered
I just noticed that there are new user titles corresponding to how many posts you have (i.e. I'm a Dirty Dwarf instead of Sonic's Personal Buddy or whatever before). I also noticed Vitua Fighter, Street Fighter, Guardian Hero, etc. I was just wondering when this happened and if there was any reason besides just making a change?


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Last night, and because the old titles were just that - old.


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Yea, the old ones were kinda old and people were complaining.

Like the new ones? Thank mal and Masterakumamatata for picking them out.


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my title still says I eat Paste, and for some reason it says the same thing on the necx forums
I wonder howthat happened.

If any of you want a laugh, I suggest you check out my member title on 3doxtreme. I just noticed it today and i was suprised to say the least.