Pal saturn 60hz mod

I'v been looking around the net to see how to mod my old pal model 1 saturn (one with big laser board). Iv tryed connecting jp1 but all I get is a messed up screen and the other diagrams look totaly different from my saturn :( Please help us poor old saturn owners with nasty boarders.
I don't know which diagrams you've seen before, but here's a link that might help.

Here's another possibility.

Shaneus, where did you learn about the mod you did?
No joy but thanks anyway :( Iv looked at them sites but my saturn board is totaly different (no jumper 2 just jumper 1) Ill have a look arounf some more but its not looking good :(
I understand that your saturn's board looks different and that jumpers are in different places, but I find it hard to believe that there is no jumper 2.
Thats what I'm saying theres only jumper 1 and no other jumpers near by. This saturn is very different from the others I have seen (this one's model number is mk-80200-50).
Well, i have the same or similar model of it, its very simple to mod it cause you only need to connect the the jp1 for permanent 60 hz, or put to wires in each part of the jumpers and then use a switch to change between 50 and 60 hz, and you made it.

sorry for my english