EA is winning 70% of all sports game sells at the momment, if this shit keeps going Sega will have to report more losses by the end of this quarter. Does anyone at all care about keeping it alive? Im worried sick that something might happen to Sega if poeple don't go and buy there fucking football game. I HAVE IT AND IT OWNZ! GO BUY IT NOW!
Although you didn't exactly express this in the most intelligent way, I agree somewhat. NFL2k3 is in my opinion the best football game to date. Madden 2003 might have a little more stuff, but is just not as fun. I love the franchise mode in NFL2k3. I'm just waiting for October 7th to come around when I get into Xbox LiVE, so I can play this online.
Well, if it doesn't sell then they will just add in the options and stuff that madden has. I personally think they slacked off on this release, 2k2 was better (for the time). They just let madden get ahead.....
Its a great game too! I've been playing it online and it plays like butter.

People are sheep.

Zero 9, look me up when you go online. I'm already beta testing the service.

Gamertag: ThirdMan
Ok how do you guys get picked for beta testing what do you do that makes you so special (i'm not being sarcastic or antyhing) to microsof that they would pick to guys, who happen to go to this sega site to test xbox live?
Special? No...Just lucky, I guess.

In case you didn't realize, they were actively looking for testers on their website. I applied and in turn they asked me to fill out a "survey" and then told me to wait and that I might get in. Almost 2 months later, I get the email saying that i'm in the program.
oh i didn't know there was a survery i thought they were just pickin peopole for some reason. Hmm... so is xbox live anygood? would you reccomend it over the ps2 net service?
Originally posted by Gallstaff@Sep. 25 2002, 9:33 pm

oh i didn't know there was a survery i thought they were just pickin peopole for some reason. Hmm... so is xbox live anygood? would you reccomend it over the ps2 net service?

Xbox Live is pretty slick. Signing up was probably the most difficult part and only because you have to type everything in via a controller. After filling out the necessary info, the Xbox Live program does an automatic search for an internet connection and boom you're online. The only problem I encountered getting online was that it seems that my present router (Netgear RT314) isn't fully supported by XBL...I have to run a direct connection to the modem. Other than than, it was hassle free. Hopefully that 1 problem will be corrected soon.

In NFL 2K3, you must choose to "Go Live" and it will quickly sign you into the servers. That opens up more menus...OptiMatch, QuickMatch, CreateMatch, etc... There are no lobbies, unfortunaetly. Challenges are handled via onscreen messages. "MrsScissors has challenged you accept?" This message also includes the persons win/loss/drop (connection) record. Select YES and you can start to talk.

NFL 2K3 offers only 1 voice mask - male robot and it works great. I don't really use it, but the feature works well. Gameplay is very smooth! If you've played NFL 2K1 on the DC online, you know the problem the game had with latency. The games here really do play as thought your opponent is right next to you. (There may be lag, but I don't notice it, really.) There is also an online leaderboard for the elite...the number 1 guy has about 150+ wins last time I checked.

I beat my 1st opponent (a stinkin' Jets fan from NY) with my beloved Dolphins 28-21 in the last minute of play. Great game! The guy was actually nice and we chatted about how good the game was, etc.

As for the bad, well, it depends on who you play. Some idiots pause their game into oblivion until you quit the game giving you a loss and him a win. Others harrass and put people down. Thankfully, I haven't had this problem and it seems Microsoft is nipping it at the bud. They began a service called Hall of Fame and Shame. Here the good as well as bad people are listed and some even have disciplinary actions taken against them. (Temp. suspension, muted voice, etc)

All in all, it will be great! I know this place isn't the most pro-Xbox place in the world, but with so many people here that I like, I hope to see some of you online.

I haven't tried the PS2 service, but I imagine with a mix of BB and 56k users, its must play like the DC did, at best. Also (correct me if I'm wrong) the PS2 is leaving the billing to others (such as EA) and forces you to pay their monthly fees, right? XBL is 50 bucks for the year for ALL games. I defenitly recommend it! If you're not sure, wait until you get a chance to demo really is slick! Hope to see you online.