Phantasy Star Online

After I very recently managed to get my Dreamcast working online, a new problem arose. After I set up my serial number and my access key, the game connects to the server, and once loading the initial room for my Character to walk around in, stops loading. It simply never loads my character in, so the background is their, and its animated so I know the DC hasn't frozen, but my character never apears.

Anyone know why this might be happening?
version 1 or 2? if its 2 i know you need a Hunters Liscense to play...if it's 1 the servers might have just been foobarred. they do that from time to time.
Ok, I think I know why it won't work now. I tried playing it online again and a window poped up telling me my serial number was already registered or was in use. I bought my copy used, guess I shouldn't have done that :(. Is their a usiversal serial number or somthing I can use to play online? What do the people that D/L the game use to make it work online?
they don't. they either steal a serial from a retail copy, or they don't play online, simple as that.

you can TRY to call up sega and explain to them, and hope they give you a new serial.
When i went to buy a used copy of PSO at electronics boutique, they told me not to because even if i called sega they wouldn't give me a new serial.
get them to reset the number in the central server..most people have done this for pso v2...due to the numerous problems...