is there a list of platformers compiled for the saturn, if so someone please post a link to the thread and tell me to use the damn topic search

if not could we start one?

please post whether it's 2d or 3d and if it bites or if it's THE GOD OF ALL VIDEO GAMES EVER MADE!
Well this is the best I can offer for a start. most of the 3d ones are either crap or I haven't played enough to evaluate them. I'm sure I forgot a few US and 3d ones.

2d ones

Astal (good but short)

Assualt Suit Leynos (good but hard)

Bobble Symphony (great)

Capcom Generations 2(great has the 3 Ghous and Ghost games on it)

Capcom Generations 4(not so good)

Casper (not so good)

Clockwork Knight (bad)

Clockwork Knight 2(bad)

Earthworm Jim 2 (okay)

Hissatsu (okay haven't played it enough to evaluate it)

Irem Arcade Classics(alright)

Johnny Bazooka/Bazookatone (bad)

Jurassic Park (so so)

Keio Yugentai(one of the best right along with Super Tempo)

Megaman 8 (good)

Megaman X4 (good)

Metal Slug (great)

Mizubaku Adventure (great)

Mr Bones (so so)

MSX Antiques(alright)

Rayman (good)

Rockman X3 (good)

Sega Ages Volume 2

Shineri Jusatsushi Taromaru (great)

Shinobi Legends/Shin Shinobi Den (so so)

Silhouette Mirage (good)

Skeleton Warriors (so so)

Sonic Jam (good)

Super Tempo(one of the best)

Tyrush Deppy (good)

Wolfang SS

Wonder 3(good(



Bug Too

Contra Legacy of War


Lupin 3

Magical Hoppers

Ninja Jyajyamaru-Kun Gold

Sonic 3d Blast

Willy Wombat

questionable or partially platformers

Burnign Rangers

Dark Savior

Dracula X


Steam Gear Mash