Playing Backup Games???


I will just welcome a 3DO-FZ1 in a few days in my console family, i read about playing back uped games, on says, Goldstar, the other the FZ1 what works really???

mfg, JMS!
i've yet to have a media problem on my fz-10..

im not sure if the love affair with the fz-1 has something to do with the ability to use the vcd upgrade
Woha, VCD, nearly every system i have can do this, dreamcast, saturn, cdi, not really spectacular!
I got my 3do when it first came out in 1993 and it's broken. You see, the door keeps popping out for no reason. It just is in the middle of a game, then opens... does anyone know if i can fix this or HOW i can fix this? I HAD NO IDEA THERE WAS

NO COPY PROTECTION ON MY FZ-1! this rules! Finally... i can play poed again.. (lost my copy due to many scratches)

(woah 123 post.. twilight zoneish eh?)

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I have heard that the ribbon cable that connects the cd player to the main board was crappy and could cause problems. I believe the 3do section at gamefaqs explains it and how to rectify these problems.
I looked at that, but i have an fz-1, not a goldstar. PLus, my door closes fine but sometimes it will just open when it feels like.
I know I bought this one severly scratched game and it did it to that Im saying I think its because it cant read the media for whatever reason . Ive heard rumors that a few of the games arnt compatible with all the systems .
but all my games are fine and it will happen for no reason. I asked some one else and he said he had the same problem with his computer. It was infact the ribbon clip so i should check that out tomorrow. But right now i'm wicked tired and gotta sleeeeeeeep. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (yes i said wicked)