PSO....worth getting if played OFFLINE?

Is PSO worth playing offline? I'm not around my consoles enough nor do I want to pay for a separate broadband adapter and service (my current connection only accepts one IP) to get online-only games, but I was wondering if PSO is still worth playing offline. I know that the Gamecube version sports offline mode, but is it any good? What is the advantage to playing the game online? Is it more like a MMORPG or like playing Diablo II online? Thanks.
its a fun game, but the replay is multiplied from online play. its a hardcall, cuz u are missing so much from staying offline.

put it like sega xtreme a good site??? what if it had no forums...
I'd say PSO is a twist between Diablo and Zelda 64...

Big bonus w/PSO = Bosses (the bosses aint just fucked up enemies with more HP than a normal enemy, they are HUGE baby, HUGE, and they fight like a real old-day boss

Also, if you got any friends, PSO multiplayer (on one console) also gives several hours of fun

Get it if you wanna kill several hours of boredom, trust me, you'll never regret it!
PSO excels almost only in Online mode. I find it very dull in offline mode. To be honest if you where only going to buy it for Offlinf mode I'd advice against it, I fell you'd be better buying one of the amazing offline dedicated Dreamcast RPG's.

Thats what i think anyway
its worth getting for the fact thats its phantasy star online. its a nice shelf trophy but its VERY repetitive offline. it takes ages to acomplish anything.

i am an unfortunate user who does not have a dc net connection and i also own pso.

playing offline it is still a great game, nice graphics, sound, gameplay BUT everytime u exit the game (save etc and turn off) u have to go through everything u had accomplished all over again (in a sense).

every time u re-enter a level, all the monsters and items are back, so u gotta go kill them all again and get all the stuff and with a single player, this takes a couple hours to actually complete a few quests. so then u wanna save a quit.

i played up to the first boss, a dragon. as a single player i was one of the magic using characters and the boss was virtually impossible to destoy. i was attacking it for ages and ages and ages.

so i gave up. now i will never play it again cause i dont wanna do all the quests again and i have deleted my save.

so OFFLINE=shelf trophy

ONLINE=addictive gaming :cheers
Originally posted by WiseMan@Jun 6, 2003 @ 06:09 AM

i played up to the first boss, a dragon. as a single player i was one of the magic using characters and the boss was virtually impossible to destoy. i was attacking it for ages and ages and ages.

I beat the Dragon with a lv.2 FOmarl, in about 10 minutes. Pure solo. Didn't import any power items or anything from other characters. =)
Tagrineth, same did my girlfriend, and PSO is the only game she actualy wants to play in public (because of her "fantastic" skills in gaming)

PSO is great offline too...

Only thing is that you'll have to complete the whol stage (part1, part2 and evt. part3 + boss) to not have to beat it all over again if you quit.

And I mean, PSO is VERY addictive, and if you got friends (I bet you do)

It's a great game for offline multiplayer fun

+The game might be repetetive... But hell, who cares, you're gonna kill some time aren't you?

(+it doesn't get "that" repetetive if you actualy feel like changing weapons and fighting styles... You'll soon notice that a Knife that has 100 points less in attack (compared to your Blade or Buster) does the exact same damage + it's quicker!) and you figure out that even though guns lack some accuracy, they still are very interesting to play with...)

The only thing that makes you "irritated" in this game is the fact that you might end up dieing a time or two at the same enemies in a later stage, and every damn time you forget to set-up a Telepipe (Townportal).

And ofcourse you get pissed if someone takes your nice little "precious"

(Like I got 2 Luck materials today, my brother got nothing, and then, when I finaly find a nice gun, my brother snaps it right in-front of my nose)

Trust me, you're not gonna hate this game, atleast not untill you're level 40-50, and there's plenty of hours of playing before you become that high.

(and even higher you will become)

And may I ask WHY everyone here seems to ONLY have/know/care about the DC version of this great game?

I mean, you can get it on Xbox and GC too (the GC version is in my opinion the best)