real DC-X - where to buy it ?

Please, does somebody knows where to buy the DC-X bootdisc in box (i'm talking of the real DC-X manufactured by Blaze not the Gameshark CDX nor the Action Replay CDX) ?

I have been ripped off by GameGizmo, in place of the CD-X advertised on their website they sent me the utopia bootdisc.

I sent them many mails but they keep telling me that those 2 discs (the real Blaze's DC-X and the utopia boot disc) are the same.

wtf do you need a dc boot disc for anyway?

all the emulators can be made to selfboot very easily

as can uhhh....well, you know


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You need bootdiscs for your original imports, plus the DC-X should be able to force some 50Hz-only games to work at 60Hz and even with the VGA adapter.
That's right, i own an original Grandia 2 pal and a pal dc but the game run in 50 hz mode and i want to play it in 60 hz.

Moreover I have an import Rent a Hero disc but the real Blaze's DC-X is the only bootdisc which plays the game on the VGA box (and my dc isn't modded).


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Originally posted by stack99@Oct. 13 2002, 9:07 pm, or those are two good choices.. try them

GameGizmo? Did you read poff's original post? don't sell the DC-X but the Dreamcast Super Game Converter manufactured by Innovation Technologies

whose box has some of the same cover art as the DC-X one. Are they exactly the same products ?

If not i think i will buy the videogamecompany one.

I hope they are more reliable than GameGizmo.