Really screwed up my DVD-Drive

Ok, I really dropped the ball on this one. I have a Samsung SD-612 DVD Rom Drive, and I was updating the firmware, but I flashed the drive with the worng firmware (I flashed it with the SD-616 firmware) I was thinking that I could just flash it with the right files when I realized I screwed up, but now I cant see the drive at all in anything and when I try to flash the drive under DOS it cant find the drive. If anyone can provide any advice I'd greatly appreciate it :)
there are some ways like flashing it by using a good drive, setting up the flasher, than hotswapping it for the bad drive and letting the flasher try to flash it that way, but those can be unhealthy for your MB and of course require a second drive.

the only other way would be removing the flashrom and rewriting it in an eprom burner, but they are usually surface mounted and near impossible to remove.
the only other option you may have is to phone/email their customer support and see if they can advise you of anywhere that could sort it out for you

other than that find a friend with access to an eprom burner, as arakon said
You can also lie to your seller and say that the dvd-rom "mysteriosly" stopped to work ;)

I bet they will replace the bad unit if you did a good show :)
Play the idiot. I've gotten lots of old dated hardware replaced for free.

"Hi! This cd rom thing stopped working on my computer for some reason. I'm not sure why, either."

"Have you changed anything on your pc recently?"

"No, I barely use it at all. I just turned it on one day and it wouldn't read cds."



"Here you go. We don't carry the unit you had so we will replace it with a slightly better one for no charge."

"Cool! Are you sure this will work?"

"I don't know why it shouldn't. If it doesn't, bring it back."

And that was how, after multiple times, I got a 4x cd rom removed from an old 150mhz machine upgraded to 12x to 24x to 40x. I just took each replacement to a different branch of the same retailer with the same story and ended up coming out wiht a really nice cd rom... considreing that the original 4x was one I found ALREADY BROKEN in a really old machine someone gave me.

Play the idiot. You can get mad free stuff.