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Remember a while back i said i got 1000 dollars in graduation money? Well now i'm spending some of it. I want to buy a digital camcorder to make my own movies (no shit) but i dont know what to buy. I'm REALLY leaning toward either the sony handycam or the panasonic palmcorder. Can anyone tell me if they've had experience with either of these or what they personally would recomend. remember it has to be digital and i'm not looking to spend more than 500-600 dollars. any help would be apreciated.
well i use a 9mm to film most of my hard as villian cream filled movies. and no i dont film myself cooking gallstaff.
I need a digital video camera so i can edit my stuff on my computer. And what the hell... your last line didn't even make sense.
Originally posted by Gallstaff@Aug. 05 2002, 1:59 pm

I need a digital video camera so i can edit my stuff on my computer. And what the hell... your last line didn't even make sense.

He doesnt make sense
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I need a digital video camera so i can edit my stuff on my computer. And what the hell... your last line didn't even make sense.

He doesnt make sense

eat my flames
i've had bad experiences with sony electronics but i haven't owned enough panasonic stuff to give an opinion. test em out in store before you pick thats my advice see which one you like more and which one has the cheaper storage options.
well guys now that i wa thinking about it, i don't want a camera at all. I want a new hard drive. My old one crapped out, so now i need a new one.I'm looking for something at least 40 gigs. Anyone know any good companies? I also don't want to spend more than 150 dollars.
Seagate and WD drives are typically reliable, in my experience at least.

You should be able to pick up an 80GB Seagate drive for around $100.

WD of course has the 120GB SE (8MB buffer), but thats about $20 more than you want to spend. You can get the regular 120GB drive for $150, though.

I used to get those price quotes, btw.
well i decided to just build my own pc from scratch. my parents are paying for this whole thing but i don't want them to go broke so here's what i was thinking.

ide system. dont know what kind of mother board, will look into. WD 80 gig hard drive. nvida geforce 4 V.C. audigy S.C. Intel pentium 4 2.0 GHz. 3 sticks of ddr 256 ram. 300 watt power supply (will that be enough?) and i am stumped on what type of fan some help on that would be nice. OH yes and also i want to get a cheap like 30 dollar chassie, cut out a piece of the side and replace it with a glass window. then line the inside with blue and green neon string. sound good. some help on the fan and power supply wattage would be apreciated.
If you want to pair a P4 with DDR SDRAM, you might want to look into a board based on the new SiS 648 chipset, which supports a 200MHz DDR interface. VIA and Acer Labs will probably follow suit soon enough, but apparently the 648 is already shipping.
i think if your going to buy a digital camera and want to oly spend 500 - 600 dollars your wasting yor money chek them out in the store ive looked at 1200 dollar ones and felt they suck money ass especialy when zoomin i like to use zoom and the zoom quality is real bad on the 1200 dollar sony i played with i couldt read a bold face price tag accross the room about 30ft away and the was the same with all the cameras on the rack sofar i still think its better to get a analog one and use a video capture card make a avi and edit it that way

in stead i got a sony handy cam i think its handy cam i forgot the model number but its one of those that you need to use the hiresolution tapes (there are two types that i know of the ones you can sick in a case to put in a vcr - which suck and the ones that you need a special reader for or connect the camcorder to a vcr to play- thats the one i got oh the Hi8 its called -- those are around 400-500 depending on the features so with the rest you can spend a 100$ on a lense attachemt -- the picture i get with that is very clear - i comapered it to my freinds supervhs camcorder and the image resolution on the Hi8 blew it away and ofcouse when i zoom its a normal zoom and i can see everything unlike the digital camera zoom

thats my 2 cents
dont you need more than 300 watts for a p4

also i dont think you will find a 30$ case with a power suply thats larger than 300 watts unless your not getting a combo

personaly i think amd is more worth the money (havent checked prices lately though) also i think so far the best video board for the money is the leadtech comapny (korean) check out tom's hardware guide on the net last time i when shoping fro a video board the leadtech was the best the cheapest and most stable especialy when overclocking - only complait was that the reviewers felt that the heatsinking on the memory chips wasnt adequate for over clocking
well the p4 2.0 GHz was the most powerful i saw. And i think i'm going to stick with the Gforce 4 since that's just what people are recomending. ARe you sure 300 watts isn't enough for p4? Should i go with 350?
Also, windowed cases are overrated. If you don't make it properly, it doesn't cool properly, you put off extra heat from the bulbs inside the case, and its a LOT of work for something that uh, looks cool. I'd rather dish out the cash towards better hardware then towards the paint, plexiglass, etc to make a windowed case.

I would use at least a 450 watt power supply.

Get a server case.

Abit motherboards also kick much ass. So do AMD cpus.

If you want good cooling, invest into a PCI slot fan. Tiny fans mounted on a PCI card... or you can get a blower for the PCI slots - they are dirt cheap. I have one set up to pull heat directly off my video card and it goes right out the back of the case.