Rez for PS2 is discontinued.

Man...I've been on a posting streak. Anyways...

Rez (here in the states) has been discontinued after just one printing of 10,000. If you own a PS2 and have been on the fence about picking up this title, I suggest you get your ass in gear and go get it! 10,000 is fewer than the number of PDS copies released in the states.

Now, the question is, why would Sega do this? They take it away from the DC faithful to give it to the PS2 owners just to take it away again???

The orignal story came from there so you should take the news with a grain of salt. There is also some people at the Gaming-age forums discussing (crying) about it...

In response to the original "news" report...

"Yes folks, it's true. If you haven't heard it already, Sega's latest Playstation 2 title, Rez, was officially discontinued a few days after its release, for reasons unknown.

We've received quite a few emails asking for a reliable source to be listed, so I thought I would elaborate on the situation. I also work at Electronics Boutique, and we received the game initially in a rather small supply (only a few copies). Whereas normally, we get quite a few copies of a brand new title. Strange, but whatever. We placed the game on the shelf, and it proceeded for a few days to not sell a single copy. Then, one day, I wanted to see if we had sold any copies while I had been off, so I looked it up in the computer. That's when I saw it. A "D" listed next to the game's name. D stands for Discontinued for those of you who didn't know. Well, this is a pretty strange occurance, to say the least. I thought perhaps it may be an error. So I, along with the store manager called around to a few other retail gaming outlets to verify this listing. Sure enough, they all were surprised to learn that their computers also said that this new game was already discontinued. Well, that lit the fires. I waited more than a week to see if the status of the game would change, but to no avail. That's when I realized that Rez, a fairly cool game in its own right, had gone the way of tons of other neglected titles that had their productions ceased with no notice or fanfare. Unfortunate, but fact.

By not officially releasing a press statement detailing the reasons behind the move, Sega of America seems trying to cover up the fact that their latest high-profile PS2 title didn't last more than a single week in distribution. Obviously, this information doesn't bode well for Sega's "biggest 3rd party" mantra that's been tossed around lately, which could reasonably explain the thinking behind Sega's decision to keep the move quiet. Whatever the case, there are still copies of the game's initial shipments to be found in retail stores across North America, and you may want to run out and grab one, seeing how as you won't be seeing a second shipment any time soon.

Can we say... Instant Collector's Item? "

I post this so that JUST IN CASE someone out there is looking for a PS2 version and are sitting on their hands, to go get it. If this story turns out to be true, you'll thank me later. :)
The game is actually awesome! It's not for everybody but, then again, not many people would go for a "musical shooter."

I liken it to a mix between Samba de Amigo and Panzer Dragoon Zwei.
Well, guess what...I'm wrong. The guy (prick) retracks what he said...

"(12:43PM)- Today, I was finally able to get ahold of my rep at Sega who was kind enough to issue this statement to clear up any misunderstandings which may have occured due to our earlier article.

"Rez has not been discontinued. While this title shipped in modest quantities compared to blockbuster titles such as NBA 2K2 and Virtua Fighter 4, Sega stands ready to fill the demand from retailers for any of our products.

Because Rez provides a very unique blend of music and shooting, we expect this title appeals to a more niche audience than other mass-market genres. However, true to Sega's tradition of always bringing out cutting-edge entertainment, games like Rez will continue to be part of the great Sega product lineup." - Mike Fischer, VP of Entertainment Marketing, Sega of America

So there you have it folks, while currently in rather limited quantities, if the need be, Sega is ready, willing and able to fill any future orders of the game. That's great news indeed, as everyone should have a shot at playing this unique, innovative title. "
I spent a good chunk of the day trying to find the game, but their isn't even one place within 100 miles of my house that has it :(. Also, you said its not being discontinued now 3rdman? When I called Electronic Botique today they told me that it had been. The last time thios sort of thing happened was back when Panzer Dragoon Saga was released, and Sega said they would make more copies of it but never did. Im not taking any chances, Im going to order one off of ebay within the next couple of days.
I must admit I had been wondering for a while what Fabrizo's pic was.

Much better than you last pic. ;)
come to think of it, i never bothered to go see mononoke when it was in town. it was couple of years ago, right? mebbi i'll go rent the dvd or something.