I know. Another SS RPG english translation project. We've all been burned before. But now, someone has decided to finish this project. It is being run by Deuce. YES, that Deuce. He has been convinced to finish the project he started 15 years ago. It is real. You can go to his Twitter handle, Price of Reason, where he has been uploading videos and pictures of his progress. Now he doing this project on his own. He is reaching out for some assistance. If you know anyone familiar coding in x68000 ASM, that would really help. He also started a Ko-fi account as well, so show him some support by tipping him or buying him a cup of coffee. You can also interact with him here


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I know. But the Neo Geo CD version is the optimal version compared to the SS and PSX versions. It's the one that everyone has been waiting for over a decade now.
Not a popular opinion, but I have paid close attention to Deuce's project back in the day. Supposedly he had finished it, or he was about to and everything got mysteriously gone, he was quite offensive with the crowd and went apesh** crazy at some point.
Maybe he'll release it someday, but I'm not keeping my hopes up.
Is there any news regarding the translation of the game into English? Link or something? If I understand correctly it is the translation of the neo geo CD version. Right?
Thank you