Saturn laser problem?

Have here old used sega saturn (model2) and it's badly reads CD-R (even the ones which burned at 1x). Sometimes it even skips (remember cd player w/o "antishock" - like this) audio tracks on audio cd-r (and on games with audio tracks). But it normally reads factory CDs (audio and games). I readed the "cd-rw mod" from Misc section and looked into this saturn. The orange screw seems to be 15-20 degrees to the left (i.e. if it was a clocks' it positioning at 10:30 :)) ). Is it a normal setting? Maybe need to turn it right a little? Or more to left? What are the factory default position for this orange screw?

PS. Those CD-R which are badly reads on this saturn normally reads/works on another one. So cd-rs are ok and problem in this saturn.
Give it a try.

If it doesn't help, turn the pot back to where it was and try something else.
Maybe it is a the Factory setting position now, unless the user before you tampered with it.

And I have the same problems as you do, maybe I should give it a try too.