Saturn Mod ( Lik-sang )


I've ordered a Saturn Mod from lik-sang, and I've never installed one before. I've read the instructions and it seems like a kinda easy install. However, are there any hurdles I should know about before I install it ? Like any tricks people who have done it could pass on to make life easier ?

Couldnt you just be careful and hotglue the leads into place? that would be much more convenient if ever you wanted to remove the mod board for whatever reason, and it would be better for noobs to do, the only thing I could suggest while doing it is to have a heat sink handy wherever your gluing.
uhm, no.

hotglue is fluid. fluids tend to go everywhere around something, including below the wire you are trying to make contact with.

plus, it's by far not as secure.. and if you fuck up, removing hotglue is MUCH harder and much more likely to rip pins off the chip than being able to simply heat up the soldet and remove the wire.
If you decide to solder, the golden rules are:

1) Don't burn yourself. It's kind of obvious, but that iron really does get hot. Be careful with it.

2) Get things as clean as you can without damaging them. Dirt and residue (including the kinds you can't see) can keep a joint from forming securely.

3) Use the right tool for the job. If you're soldering a wire to a surface-mount device, don't use a 5mm wedge tip. If you're doing electronics work, don't use acid core solder or a high-power soldering gun.

4) When soldering on a PCB, don't apply much force to the area you're heating; the glue used to attach the copper to the substrate can melt at soldering temperatures, and you're in for some work (or a screwed Saturn) should you nudge a pad out of place. This isn't as likely to happen if you're using an iron with a reasonable power level (see rule #3).

5) Don't eat, drink, rub your eyes, chew on your fingernails, etc. when soldering, and wash up when you're done. While soldering is not a life-threatening activity as such (assuming that you follow rule #1), the chemicals involved do tend to be known toxins, and washing your hands is an easy enough precaution to take.

Hope this helps.
I knew about the washing your hands, my electronics teacher way back in the days of high school kept telling us not to chew on the solder or put our fingers in our motuh after touching the sodler because it would cause mental retardation.
Well, not all solder is part lead, but the common stuff is. In fact, there's some movement in the electronics manufacturing industry to get rid of lead in mass production processes, but that will probably take ages to catch on, assuming it ever does - there are definitely those with valid reasons to keep tin/lead solder around for a while.
I suppose one of the reasons is that there isn't a truly viable alternative to lead at present - the "lead free" solder that's around today has a higher melting point and generally isn't as effective as the lead-based stuff.

Besides, I've been chewing solder for over 10 years and it never did me any harm...

...durrh, what was the question again? ;-)
it just turned you into a mad scientist that spends his nights on modifying innocent sega systems and carts, to create an army of electronic slayers to bring doom to mankind.

btw, I found if you chew enough solder, it makes you resistant to solder burns. I think. I'll prolly know for sure when I feel my legs again. and the rest of my body.
That's nothing compared to the convenience of being able to tin a wire by pricking your finger with it - no more nasty burst of rosin smoke. But it's not all advantages; I'm still trying to fix that board I accidentally sneezed on...
it just turned you into a mad scientist that spends his nights on modifying innocent sega systems and carts, to create an army of electronic slayers to bring doom to mankind.
So are you saying that you're a mad scientist? Interesting... Also, how many soldering experience points do you need to change your class to mad scientist? :p
Quote: from Bocmaxima on 12:22 pm on Jan. 22, 2002

Best tip I can give you is dont be lazy and solder the leads, dont tape them, it will save you assle in the long run.

Does that mean the mod will have problems or dont work ? or be a bitch to install ?
Pretty much all of the above, I mean, you could tape it, but then you probably shouldnt move the Sat after that. Plus you can never tell if you have a good connection with tape...just solder it, you life will be easier.

BTW: I likes the smell of rosin smoke thank you, I like to smell id lots, it smells the goodest, even gooder than gasoleen