Sega CD Game Help!!!

Help me help me please... I can't even get past the first guy! This timing thing is stupid...

can anybody tell me the "visual cues" i'm supposed to look for?

Why wasn't the game made how boxing really is like? IE every punch that is worthy of a hit IS worthy of a hit... this game DEMANDS you punch ONLY when you have too... that sux arse. It's not fast action in that way...

That's what i hate about SEGA CD FMV's... that whole visual cue thing...
Never mind... I figured it out... well, not really... i'm just going to play with the trainer on... Without it is too hard for me... unless you've got like the max stamina... lol :)


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The Sega FMV games for the sega CD were just a big fad, none of them were really worth playing all that musc, well, Mad Dog McCree was pretty #### good. Other than that, they had no real replay value to them.