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Originally posted by CHAZumaru °_°@Mar 13, 2003 @ 04:28 PM

Look down on the news a bit.

It's a free game, I don't know much about it axecpt that it's supposed to be really cool but a pain in the ass gameplaywise.

The issue is that you need Fileplanet to download it and I don't have it. Can anyopne put it on his ftp for us (33,887KB) .
I take it you didn't read the posts in the forums about the release, did you?

You can probably tell that the version uploaded to File Planet is a bit different than the version explained in the news post by Andy, since the version up on File Planet is actually 35,918 KB big.

Hopefully, SD will have a good working version up soon. I've even heard a rumor that Ice is willing to help too.