Snatcher: CD-ROMantic

Er, I got Snatcher in the mail a couple of weeks ago, and thanks to an old issue of "Tips And Tricks", and a small faq someone wrote about the menu translation, I can play this awesome game. Still, it'd be much better if I had a real translation of the in game text. Any one know if there is a REAL translation of the game? I remind you, I own the real game, so a patch would do me no good.
Not for the PCE yet, though I think Artemio may be looking at it, or may have in the past. Your best hope for an english version is the Sega-CD version, and your second best is to wait for the Saturn version to be worked on a bit more.
...but I don't want the sega cd or saturn versions. Censorship sucks. Besides, the PCE's 256 color pallet makes snatcher look ass-loads cleaner than the Sega CD's 64.

A copy of all the text in the game.... it's in japanese, but thanks to alta vista, I might be able to translate it into engrish

If anyone wants to help, perhaps we could actually translate the game?
Hell, and then there is "Policenauts." There are still no English translations for that game either. And yes, I think that the Turbo's version of Snatcher is great and all; I wish I had a copy myself!
I just got the Snatcher pilot disc for the Duo a few weeks ago. Has a lot of cool extras on it, kind of like the Shenmue passport disc. By the way, I also think the Sega-CD version looks no different.
The biggest problems with translation is most of the game is voiced so you would have to eiter dub or sub title it and I'm not sure if eithe of those would be very easy to do and fit into the game. Plus a fair amout of the menus are written in Kanji and fitting a good translation might be hard to do. As you can write a whole word or phrase with one or 2 kanjis.

I've had the Pilot disk for a while now but never really bother to look at it.