Super Smash Bros Melee (revisited)

Yeah, I wouldn't bet on Sonic, but it would be cool.

I don't mind waiting that much as long as the games are good, and that's usually the case with Nintendo.
Time and quality :) SSB3 will hopefully last even longer than SSBM (which I still play now). I mean, with the onlineness and all, should be great :)

Hmm...what kind of levels do what showing up? I'd like to see a Metroid Prime themed type level worked into it...
Onlineness? I think you coined a word, even if it sounds like a Bushism.

I would also like to see a Metroid Prime themed level, wonder what others can be released. I'm hoping on a Twilight Princess level.

Another question to ask is what new modes are they to have on the game (besides online play)?

I think they should do a mode where it gives a nostalgic view of what SSB would have been like if they had released versions on the NES and SNES. That would work well, but the characters would be limited compared to the N64. One example is Pokémon; it wasn't around on the SNES, so Pikachu and the gang wouldn't be on it. Same with Star Fox, it wouldn't be on the NES version, but it would be on the SNES version. Hey, it sounds like a cool idea to me.

When are they ever going to release a version of SSB for the DS? That's a question a lot of people have been asking for a long time now.
Sorry, if you talk to people who say things like that find yourself saying them as well occasionally.

Twilight Princess I was thinking as well...but it seems a little close to each other to become reality.

Oh I see...that'd be interesting! I imagine some people would get annoyed with not being able to use their own character...but couldn't always do that in the events right? So yeah, sounds pretty good :) lets just see if internet spies come and steal your idea and put it into the game eh? ;)

Hmm...but would it work very well? I mean, the control layout is fine - left, right, no problems there. But would you get the same speed into it? People might reject it...I mean, I'd buy it and I'm not one to return games even if they're not the greatest, but if it turns out to be to the majoritys dislike because it doesn't 'feel' the same...well...
You don't have to apologize over a word. Who knows, it may become popular soon.

I have a million ideas posted all over the internet, but none of them have been born into reality yet. If I were to be paid for making new ideas, I would like that. Internet spies, this is your hint to hire me :wink: I need some cash.

Surely, the NES variation would be as fast as Link moved in Zelda 2 I would supposed, in which the game almost felt on the lines with SSB. The SNES version would probably be as fast as Donkey Kong Country or Earthbound. Speed wouldn't be much of a problem, and if someone decides to make these ideas come to life it would be in a mode within the game rather than be an entire game, along the lines of a side quest. Maybe other events can unlock the modes. I think that type of mode within the game would hit big with classic gamers. The only problem would be with character limitations due to the period of time in which the console was released, and it would probably be based on what characters were on the original SSB for the N64 (at least I would make it that way, they really don't have to). It would be great if one can download these modes to the DS for portable fun, much like what the Dreamcast did with some of its game and its memory unit.

Along with the Sega characters idea, this would make a lot of money for Nintendo and Sega. What better way than to work off of the fans then to put these ideas in their games, I think it's an excellent marketing strategy. Internet spies, you can thank me for these idea.
Paid for ideas...yeah, thats called having a job =P

Ah...I suppose so now that you put it in that light. I -think- I might have just been thinking about jumping and so on. But then, theres buttons for that purpose so, it's entirely possible.
I wasn't thinking of the different modes speeds...rather the entire game. Hopefully they'd keep all the modes the same speed as the actual game it's self =)

it would be quite cool...but I still don't see it happening. I don't know why...I just don't see Sonic and the rest of them being included in "Nintendo's all-stars" (which it states in the beginning video of SSBM). I'm still clinging onto this idea that SSB characters are usually Nintendo only characters.
Yeah, and it would be cool if someone hired me by reading this forum :)

Come to think of it, the NES controller only had two face buttons (A and B), so they would have to make Up on the D-Pad the jump. Most other (fighting) games around that time used Up for jump, and even up until the N64 days. Of course, they can switch jump to a button for the SNES version because it added two more buttons (X and Y) and the L and R buttons. One thing that might be hard to fit in is the use of a shield, or rather, that pink bubble. If I were making the control scheme for an NES version, I would make the shield active by pressing Down and B or possibly A and B simultaneously.

Surely, the whole game would retain an equal level of speed throughout, it's Nintendo we are talking about. There would be no problems with keeping up as well (i.e. no chopiness or slowdown). Plus, it would run on the Revolution's hardware, giving it the ability to run on par with an NES or SNES game at its max.

I don't know, it seems like a possible outcome. Nintendo has made some intervention with their all-star line-ups before, look at <a href=>Mario Kart Arcade GP</a>, it has Pac-man in it. Namco is about as close to Nintendo as Sega is; all we need for this to be realized is a push.

In any case, it's going to be a Smash Bros. game and I can't wait. All of this talking is making me want to play SSB even more now. I'm trying to find the N64 version, but I can't seem to find it in any used games stores. I love playing it on the N64; one of my favorite memories from that game is when I was kicking my sister's ass and she was throwing a fit and calling me a cheater. She even said I was "playing too fast" :lol: Thankfully, she doesn't play much of video games with me anymore (no games at all), rather I hardly talk to her (which is always good for siblings).

What kind of memories did you like best with SSB?
Down and B...yeah but wouldn't that push out an attack?

Heh, yeaaaah tis Ninty :)

Well we'll just have to see...if they did at least Sonic would be in a half decent game rather than some of the crap he's been in as of recent.

Hmm...well I used to play it a lot round a friend of mines who lives over the road. Don't see him much now but...
One thing I remember is not knowing that you can throw in different directions and thinking that when pikachu did a 'shock throw' thinking it was something really special =P other than that...getting Ness. He kept baseball batting me! Annoying.
I've had fonder ones with soon after I got the game. 2 friends and me, all samus against a Zelda I think. Managed to pull of shooting a fully charged shot one after another so they hit the second she was held by the shot kinda like hit, hit, hit. Was great to watch, specially so early on in the game. Then theres the fights with my mate whom I introduced the game to...the only equal I've faced so far (not a whole lot of people wanna play anwyays =\) so they were always fun...bit crazy but fun.
Any SSBM memories that come to mind?
Well, I also mentioned they could use A and B for the shield, which would seem to fit well.

I know, the recent Sonic games aren't that good at all. Hopefully, they can get him in a decent game soon, like SSB3.

I had a lot of memories for SSBM, but I can only think of a few at the moment. I remember playing against my cousin. He was a little rusty and could only manage to beat me a few times, only after about 10+ rounds.

Playing against the Very Hard computers I had some fun times. Once, I was playing them on the Rainbow Cruise. That was one of the more difficult stages to play on because it was constantly moving. Sometimes it was tough to stay on, especially when you had at least 300% damage and you were nearing a slim area of the stage and your opponents were attacking you from below. Good times with that game.

Yeah, Ness was a prick to play against in SSB. Metal Mario was a bit of a challenge too. The Master Hand was a bitch to play against on Very Hard. Board the Platforms was also somewhat difficult.
Ah very hard in the level 9 ones? Or going on a one player mode and going on very hard?
Yeah, Rainbow Cruise (Cruise? Thought it was Ride? Or am I thinking Super Mario 64 here?) is a tricky have to keep your eye on your surroundings as well as your oppenents.
Very hard mode on one player isn't exactly a walk iun the park either O.O I've done it on classic and adventure, but only managed to get up to the Mr. Game&Watches. Bah, annoying...

Oh yeah! Metal Mario! Yeah, a lot harder than his modern day SSBM counterpart. He just refused to go down. Oh The Master hand on very hard >< that was evil. Board the platfroms was long as you'd had some after a while it was too tricky. But Jigglypuff and Kirby, if I remember correctly, were the highly evil ones.
The Crazy Hand on SSBM! How could I forget him...ugh he annoyed me for ages. Giga Bowser didn't seem to prove too difficult, but if he just caught you with an attack and you just couldn't make it back up...thats what annoyed me. Come so far...for nothing.
Either the Level 9's or the One Player mode, it doesn't matter which because it's the same thing.

Rainbow Ride was in SM64, and I believe Rainbow Cruise was in SSBM. I don't remember if Rainbow Cruise was in any older Mario games (doubt it), and I believe it's based on SM64's Rainbow Cruiser (the boat with wings).

The Metal Mario in SSBM was a pushover to me; the one from SSB was a lot more challenging. That sucker could take at least up to 400% at a time before falling to his certain doom.

Oh man, I was going to write about the Jigglypuff level on my last post, but I left it out for some reason. That was hard, especially since the last platform was a bit out of reach and (if I'm correct) they had this moving wall thing that stopped you if you didn't time right. The Kirby one wasn't as difficult, but it still was difficult. The Ness one was tough because of his stupid powers. That was the biggest problem I had with Ness: he had this stupid PK Thunder attack that was hard to make it accurate and that was Ness' means of getting back on the stage. I would play any character on SSB and be fine, but controlling that character is a challenge. You would think if he were psychic that he would have a better attack to get back to the stage with instead of a direct offensive attack. Additionally, using the PK Thunder left Ness vulnerable because the player would have to control the attack.

I also hated Crazy Hand. The only good way one were to defeat it was to defeat Master Hand, but the Crazy would be smashing you to death as you tried beating Master, not to mention he was stronger than Master.

Giga Bowser was pretty tough, and it did suck if he hit you with any attack really. He was really quick, strong, and ugly as hell.

Losing after coming so far is harsh. This has nothing to do with SSB, but Yesterday I was playing Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga leveling up on a new game and I woke up this morning and my good game was erased (in which I didn't erase it (why would I)). That sucks worse when you have a good game and it's unintentionally erased. You get so far, and then you have to start again from square one. Gaming is always difficult: in flie management and in play.

(Yikes, another long post and another page.)
What the......

Yeah, I know you did post a message because I saw it and I also put up a reply, it deleted both of our messages for some reason :shock: I was wondering why I couldn't access the website on Thursday, maybe their server fried.

It actually deleted my message before.

Yeah, post it when you get time, then I will try to remember my own reply.
I'm just gonna post the basic outline of my post...considering you read it.

Rainbow Cruise - Fair enough, I just got the names mixed up =)

Metal Mario - Yeah, I know, I liked the changing of metal characters and the double team Mario and Luigi metal bros., but apart from that Metal mario lost his toughness entirely.

Jigglypuff - Yep, you basically had to jump off right at the edge and time each 'puff' perfectly to land on the platform.

Ness - Pointless attacks. His recovery move is much too slow and difficult to pull off, perhaps they'll change it in SSB3?

Crazy Hand - I remember using DK to beat him on the event. One of his attacks was useful for killing him off.

Giga Bowser - Ha, ugly is right...he was a large target though, so landing attacks wasn't difficult. Just if he caught you off guard, considering his attacks basically reached across the entire final destination platform.

Losing data - Ouch, harsh. It really sucks, as, even though you can easily get back to where you were, it down heartens you and the it doesn't feel the same playing it. You do, however, get spurred on to play and get to where you were. I've had experiences like that with old games...perhaps I put one in my old post, I can't remember =P
I read it, but forgot it quickly afterwards.

Maybe SSB3 will have a tougher Metal Mario.

:idea: What I think would be an interesting idea is the fusion of Mario and Luigi; they can call it Marigi or something. You said before:

My friend keeps going on about how cool it would be to have Dragonball Z characters in it =P not sure how well it would work and they're not exactly Ninty made but yeah...he can dream

That might be the closest thing to DBZ besides characters and energy blasts. Now that would be a cool idea. They don't have to stop there, we could have Pikapuff (Pikachu + Jigglypuff) or Yoshi Kong (Yoshi + DK), or maybe a Foxco (Fox + Falco). The possibilties of fusion are endless :)

(Mario performing a Kamehameha Wave or a Genki Dama (Spirit Bomb) would also be cool.)

Hopefully Ness won't suck in SSB3, otherwise I won't use him again.

Yeah, that is always a plus. I had similar problems with a rental Mario Golf game. The game wouldn't save data, so I returned it to the store that same day I rented it. I owned a Gameshark that acted a similar way to that Mario Golf game; some codes were messed up in which they would freeze the 'Shark. Eventually, I got it to a point where it was stuck on one of those games that had a messed up code, and at that point it would freeze everytime it got to the menu screen. Most of the codes didin't work as it is, and I hardly used it; now it's somewhere in my room, torn apart.

Oh, you did post a thought about an old game that lost data for the Dreamcast on your last post that was erased, but I forgot what the game was called :?
Fusion of characters...yeah, I like that idea :D a lot of people found themselves using more than one character anyway, so fusing them together would be quite interesting. Whether it would come to light in SSB3 is another question entirely, but I like the idea :)

I don't think I've ever experienced mess up code before...but freezing on the munu screen would annoy the hell outta me.

Erm...Fur Fighters! Yeah, froze at the end, just before I got the cheats I worked so hard for...then I accidently deleted my old completed first game rather than the second and ended up simply deleting them both.
Hopefully, Nintendo will utilize on my idea (s); who wouldn't want to fuse Mario and Luigi together? Golden, I tell you, golden 8)

I don't know how it got to any point where it were to freeze up on a code. I blame my friend, of which I don't know where he is anymore.
Hopefully they will as so far you've had some good ones. A lot of them I'd like to see in SSB3...if not fully, partically.

I blame game magazines for Fur Fighters. And...some of the games have been my fault. Like dropping Worms Armageddon and it obtaining a large scratch on the bottom...

I can't wait for SSB3 0.0 I neeed it.
Mario unleashing a Kamehameha Wave is also a good idea :wink:

:idea: Or maybe SSJ (Super Saiyan) Mario?

It's always a good idea to blame others for your problems; a grand rule in life, I think.

Cravings for the SSB3.... I'm not a doctor or anything, but I recommend you play one of the older SSBs (but that's if you are addicted to smash).
I've been playing SSBM recently quite a lot and I'm to happy to see I haven't lost my touch :)

Might help if I start playing on some other levels apart from my favourite :p