Super Smash Bros Melee (revisited)

Ok, coming back from California, made me remember the good times kicking ass at this game was (which I did, I thank you). So, I just decided to make a thread about this game, but its more like a general discussion thread rather than info on it...

So, the question is, who is your best character, and are you good?

As for me, I use Sheik, and I consider myself very good, you know, not to brag... but I'm sure it doesnt seem that way eh? Honestly, I have not lost a match in a long time with Sheik; sure I've lost when I'm someone else like Mario or some other character, but with Sheik, it doesnt happen very often. The downside right now, is that I dont have anyone else to play with, just my little brother. He learned under me, so he's good too, but he still cant beat his master. When I went to CA, I faced my best friend, and his brother, both very good matches, especially with my best friend, since he also used Sheik. Hmm... I'm just rambling now.

So, as the question stated above, are you good?
Awesome game. I'm not good at it though but my favorite character is Sheik like you. I like really fast characters so that was my top pick.
I'm pretty good at it and still play Super Smash Bros. on the 64 and Smash Bros. Melee quite regularly. Top characters are Fox, Dr. Mario, Luigi, and Bowser.
Whoa, I know this was made way back in July...but...can't resist :p

Dark Samurai already has a big ol' convo about SSBM back in the revolution section, heh.

My favourite character...has to be Roy. I'm alright with mostly every character, as most people who get good at the game will be, but I've honed my skills as Roy...

I find him a good character! Quite fast, but yet not lacking at all in power...considering he has the most powerful one hit move in the game :) course, I didn't choose him for that...I was Marth for a long time before I moved onto Roy. Think that helped me...I kept some idea of speed with me and played it onto a more powerful character.

Like Dark Samurai...I'm always out for challenges :p I mean, level 9 computer players are very predictable...and became easy long ago. Human characters are the only thing that proves any sort of challenge.

I trained up my mate who's now my equal. We've fought matches but after taking a few matches we agreed to leave it, the matches were taking a good hour at least :S it ended up being 3 matches won each...

Hmm...well I've done Classic and Adventure on Very Hard and got the the load of Mr.Games and Watches on All-tar on Very Hard....missing about 4 trophies if I remember correctly...done all the events long ago.

All I can is that I'm looking forward to SSB 3 on the Revolution...with online fighting hopefully :)
My favorite character is Link, and I'm really, REALLY good at SSB and SSBM. Almost like psychopathic sword-slasher while playing Link :twisted:
Ah Link...

See, I know all the moves of Link and how to counter them all :) meh...I trained against him a lot. Dunno why...think it was cos my mate was him.

But yeah! When online SSB3 on the Revolution comes...mwaha.
I can't wait until SSB3, then I can kick major ass, not just the computers at very hard or my friends.

See, I know all the moves of Link and how to counter them all meh...I trained against him a lot. Dunno why...think it was cos my mate was him.

One problem, dude. If you were playing against me (or anybody else), it would be a way different experience than against your mate. Learning a character's moves and anticipating them doesn't help you win unless you anticipate the player themselves. For example, the player can control the character to use items to his/her advantage rather than attack head on. With that, they can then attack when the opponent is vulnerable. Another thing to be aware about is how he/she manipulates the arena to his/her advantage. Safe to say, your mate isn't everyone else. Just telling you is all, it sounded like you thought you could always beat the character, no matter what.
Oh not at all!
I realise that everyones fighting technique is different. Was just saying that Link only has so many moves and theres only so many things you can do with him. As with every character. Was just saying I know his moves and how to counter them.

You still use items? Yeah...thats not fighting. That's just lucky cheating.
That's what I was implying, you can't just rely on anticipating the character because the player is way different from the character. It's also very likely that they will add even more moves than what you and I know of; with the controller's 3D playing space, those moves that you know of will probably be thrown out the window. Nintendo is very unpredicable, just look at Wind Waker; no one was expecting that kind of art style after OoT or Spaceworld.

Oh, and using items is not lucky cheating either, it's strategy. And no, I don't use items; players with skill like me don't need items to be victorious. Geez, read the Art of War once in a while.
This started quite simple, but you've complicated it.
I'll...just not carry it on. Lets go to my basic thought.

Me no like Link. Too slow. Most moves seem too predictable.

Extra moves? Geez, you don't listen moves I mean, quite simply, those of which you can preform using the A and B buttons. Movement to me doesn't count as "moves".

Strategy? Come on...grabbing a hammer and jumping into someone is not strategy. Neither is grabbing a gun and firing it at a player. Yes, they can be used well, but it doesn't show any skill apart from basics...
Good, items show nothing but basic play.

It's a video game! Not world war 3! Go outside once and a while.
Complicated? What's too complicated about what I said? Okay, I'll make it very simple for you, so even someone as slow and naive as you (Berserker) can understand:

1. You can talk about the character all you want, but the player is way different from the character.

---Example: If I'm throwing a brick at your dumbass head, do you think it would be the same as someone else throwing the same brick at your head? NO, because even though I'm using the same brick, my thoughts and actions are way different from someone else's.

2. Yes, extra moves are highly possible in SSB3 because we aren't playing with a regular controller here. This controller works with the users own movements along with simple button commands. Plus, they did add a new move to the last one that involved the player pressing B along with moving the Control Stick in a left or right direction sharply, similar to a smash attack used with the A button.

---Example: This one should be self-explanatory; we are working with a larger scale of commands here because the controller works with the very space in front of our televisions along with simple buttons.

3. Again, strategy can be involved with using items, but your mind is so f**king narrow you wouldn't be able to comprehend that even if we told you a thousand times. If you have ever read the Art of War, you would know that strategy can work with just about everything when on the battlefield; this can include, but is not limited to, items (like swords), the battlefield, and the beings on the field. Don't say that the Art of War and SSB are different from each other because this book is what most, if not all, games are based on, including SSB. And yes, they can show skill because it shows the skill of the player who is using them. If the player knows how to use them well, then he/she would have a higher chance at victory than if he didn't use them well or not at all.

---Example: A player can throw an item at an opponent to catch them off guard in order to escape from him temporarily for use of a special move that may take time to power up (i.e. Samus Aran's Power Beam). They can also use other players to take the heat off of themselves if they are endangered of getting knocked off of the field. Players can also throw items at another opponent to get a health item. Crates can at as a shelter to absorb some of the attacks an opponent is performing.

Yes, I do know it's a video game, but I was hinting this information out to you because it sounds like you think it is life.

The best thing to do for this arguement is to stop anyways because neither one of us is going to prove our point to each other, even though mine is logical. Obviously you don't care about the Art of War, using items, or anything else I was preaching and obviously I don't care about the shit you were preaching. Case in point, you shut the f**k up and I will shut the f**k up (means no replies either, otherwise I might just reply back). One last thing, this is a very simple arguement compared to my other arguements on other forums. I'm sorry if my thoughts are too "complicated" for you; read the Art of War, it might make it easier for you to understand my thoughts.
Don't reply? I'm not gonna have a go at you, but I HAVE to reply.'s just a game. Since when do you need to read a book on War to be good at a game? You don't.
Anyways...I have my own opinions and you have yours...why you're trying to waver mine by using language like that...well I don't see the point.

I already SAID that players were person is going to have a different attack pattern from another, thats called life. Just like one person might take left more than rights...all I was saying is there is only so much you can do with a character. I know how to counter the moves you can preform using the character named Link e.g. bombs, coming down upon me, whatever.
Indeed, you might fake, you might throw a bomb at me at an odd time, but that's not the characters moves, thats the player.
WHICH I was trying to get across to you, but you obviously didn't see that...

Extra moves - I didn't realise you were talking about SSB3...thought we were on Melee. Of course extra moves are going to be possible, it's a whole new game. The fact that it's a new game should be proof enough. I apologise for not realising that you were talking about that, but it gives you no excuse to insult me.

Again, you don't seem to get my points...
I agreed that items can be used strategicly, I was just saying that they don't involve much skill to use. It's not really playing as such as it seems much more luck based. I know many SSBM players who agree with me and much rather prefer fighting without any items. Only you can land a hit on a character, perhaps the person moving into the attack can be counted as luck, but theres very much little luck involved rather than a bob-omb landing next to you for you to throw.
Again, you're bringing much too much into this. It's just a game. A battlefield, sword, a book...they've nothing really to do with it. I don't think Ninty read the whole of the Art of War just so they could make the game. They might have, but I doubt it. Perhaps some of the material has just formed into natural thinking, but IT'S A GAME.

I think it's life? I'm not the one reading books and using that as a valid point.

I agree, it should stop now...and I never said your thoughts were to "complicated" as you put...I'm not a dumbarse...I said you're making things MORE COMPLICATED than they have to be.
It's a game, I was stating my opinion and you brought a load of facts about a book and so forth into it. That's why you made it over-complicated when it could've been solved in a much more simple manner.
Holy sh**, why do you have to drag this on? You don't have to reply to every subject, it gets stale and tiresome after a while. Seeing as you want to reply to everyone of my messages, I have no choice to reply until you give it a rest.

I never said you need to read the Art of War to be good at a video game. You were saying all of this nonsense about items not being any real challenge of the game, so I said stuff about the Art of War that contradict that childish thought because they are a part of strategy and skill. How you misperceived that thought is outlandish. And no, I'm not trying to waver your thoughts, you originally were acting like you were superior to Link in anyway, no matter what. I don't know if this is a natural competitive side of gamers, but you were acting way too cocky for your own good.

See, I know all the moves of Link and how to counter them all meh...I trained against him a lot. Dunno why...think it was cos my mate was him.

In which I said this:

My favorite character is Link, and I'm really, REALLY good at SSB and SSBM. Almost like psychopathic sword-slasher while playing Link

To me, it sounded like you thought you were able to best me in every way, no matter what. The wiser one wouldn't have responded to what I said like that. I just merely said that I was good, but you were implying a negative thought against me choice and acting like you were going to be the victor of a fight between you and me before the fight even started, and passing me aside as if I was nothing. Being a wise person, I thought I would try and contradict your egotistical thought with a simple response, but you had to drag it out of proportion and start this really long arguement.

I know you said that the players are different, but that was after I said they were. The way you said it sounded like the player didn't matter while playing SSB, and that characters are stale and would limit the interactions of the fight (s). I was just merely implying that the players are different from the characters because you didn't seem to show that knowledge and understanding with your first post. Again, you dragged this arguement out of porportion because of that as well.

The original conversation was about Melee, and I only said that I can't wait to play SSB3, but somehow that was carried out of porportion as well. As for the insults, that was just a little bit of my nature, and I am sorry if I offended you in any way. The main reason I resort to insults is because of the person receiving them; usually (like this case), they didn't realize my point of view and brushed it aside. You aren't the first to do this, and you aren't the first to keep replying in repetition. It might seem as if I was doing the same, that's true; naturally, that would give you reason to swear back at me and I don't care if you do. Seeing as you had restaint over this, it makes you a little better in my views, but I can't see you as a better person than me because you are vaguely looking at this game (see below). Pretty much, I consider everyone as an equal, which besides making everyone happy is true until proving; to add with this, there's no true contest to prove who's the better of the contestants. No one should consider themselves better than anyone else; that's the fools view in life. As like the initial arguement, you were perceiving yourself as better than someone or something else.

Again, you don't seem to get my points either....
It's cool that you agreed that using items were apart of strategy, but you dismissed their ties with skill. All I was trying to tell you is that they are apart of skill because it takes skill to use them well. Perceiving as more luck based is foolish to me because luck really has nothing to do with SSB. The only possible luck you might have is getting an item of choice. Luck can't make you use an item well; only skill can do that. Luck can't make you reach the item or make it hit your opponent; only skill can do that.
I'm sorry if I am bringing too much into this, but you are belittling the game and its deep morals with your views. I brought up the Art of War because this is what this game is mostly based on. Japanese culture as a whole is heavenily based on war, and they and a lot of countries were taught war from this book. A battlefield, swords, and a book have a lot to do with this game, but you obviously can't recognize that. You are only looking at the surface of the game, so I decided to inform you on its deep roots. And yes, Ninty probably hasn't read the Art of War (because it's a company), but some of its staff members have. If they haven't, then they were probably taught of these elements by their ancestors.

By the way you were stating your arguements, it appeared as if you thought it were life. I was again just trying to imply some things to bring this problem to light.

I'm glad that you agree that it should stop, but I'm sadden that you didn't stop it, rather you provoked it further. I'm also sorry if I mistaken what you said, but the way you said it meant that it was getting too complicated for you. I'm sorry if it's too complicated, but I wouldn't have made it too complicated if someone didn't reply to my message in such a way.

Lastily, I hope that we can discontinue this arguement because we aren't obviously going to prove our point to each other. I'm sorry if I have offended you in any way and I just ask that we stop this futile arguement. We should agree to disagree. If you do decide to post another reply, just SIMPLY say that you will stop this arguement as such. Just say that you will stop if I stop; nothing more, nothing less. We could continue to argue or we can be peaceful, I say we should be peaceful.

To rap this up: I'm sorry if I have offended you in any way, and I wish to stop this pointless arguement. None of us will listen to the other, so none should continue. I always strive for peace, but my nature can get the best of me at times. As I hope the opposing side will do, I stop this arguement and hope nothing similar shall surface in the time to come. To truce.
*shrugs* yeah...I really don't want it to go any further. It's about a game! Tis a little stupid.

Not to push it on any further - Link. They're better people out there than me. I just know his moves...someone using Link most likely could beat me, you for example might be able to...all I was stating is that I know his moves.

That's all I wanted to say :)

I apologise for anything crap said by me. And it ends.
Same here; there's a lot of people that are potentially better than me, you also might be able to beat me as well.

I know I have already apologized in the last post, but sorry again that I was acting like an ass.

It would be fun to play against you; maybe soon, but only if Nintendo would release the Revolution faster (I'm dying to get my hands on one).

Say, what new character would you be looking forward to playing, Berserker?
I know what you mean :| it can't come soon enough.

New character? Hmm...Ninty are a little unpredictable when it comes to characters it seems, so I'm not sure...

My friend keeps going on about how cool it would be to have Dragonball Z characters in it =P not sure how well it would work and they're not exactly Ninty made but yeah...he can dream :)

I'd like to see some more evil characters in there...some really cool ones. Like bosses from a few games rather than a rival.
I'm HOPING....that Ninty'll give all the characters different moves this time round rather than simply copying one character, changing looks and perhaps power/speed/whatever. That annoyed me slightly...

Wario! Yeah! Now that would be funny :) as long as they don't bring Walugi with him...

How about you? You must have some decent predictions going right?
There's much speculation that Sonic and Tails are going to be available for play in SSB3, and a Nintendo Power poll result said that readers want these characters in the mix. On some website, there was an April Fool's Prank that showed the two as unlockable characters in SSBM. So, to me that would be a good add-on for the game, but how would they rig up the control scheme? The arena's a little bit too small for normal Sonic running.

As for DBZ characters, that would be neat. This might be possible seeing as Nintendo is making a Shonen Jump game for the Revolution. Jump Superstars for the DS has a similar style to SSB, so it's possible we might be seeing Smash Vs. Jump on the Revolution. We have seen this kind of partnership appear with Marvel Vs. Capcom.

Wario is another character that was a very popular choice in the NP poll, along with Toad. How they would make Toad playable is a mystery, but Wario would fit it just perfectly.Waluigi would be a terrible choice for SSB because he's a cheap addition to the Mario Series as it is.

You know what would be a sweet addition? That Goron that appears in TP fighting Link with his fist; timing would be great too, it's right after TP. There's a good chance they will include characters from a load of Gamecube games, I'm hoping on that Goron, seems perfect for SSB to me.

I also hope they include more evil characters into the game. The way they did Bowser and Ganondorf in the game was cool, hope they can do the same thing with these new characters.

In any case, I hope they release it soon as a launch title, with online play as well.

I just thought of something crazy to add to this discussion, wouldn't be fun to fight as Epona? If Yoshi's in the game, why not Epona? That's just a crazy guess, but it would be sweet to kick ass as a horse.......
Yeah, I saw the fake images for Sonic and Tails...them in SSB3 though. might be possible, but I always thought they wanted to have Ninty only characters as fighters rather characters who have appeared on other consoles? This isn't probably a correct thought, but yeah.
Sonic would be a nice addition all the same. His running - I'm not sure either. They seemed to pull it off for faster characters in the game...but Sonic's speed is a little different. They'd probs just slow him down...

Now that would be interesting! One thought I'll have to hang onto when the Revolution comes around.

Thought as much...a lot of magazines took a guess at the secret characters and were disappointed not to see Mario's rival stuck in. Warios moves are all set out too thanks to Wario World...
Toad...yeah don't see how he'd work either.

The Goron! Yeah...that would fit pretty perfectly. You might have come across a character right there :)

Bowser and Gannondorf...great fun. I was so excited to see Bowser in it...they better do. Tis a good idea.

A launch title would be nice, but I don't see it...I guess that it might come out shorrtly afterwards, but that's just a guess. It would definitly give a boost, if only slight, to revolution sales if it came as a launch title...

Epona? Ha, yeah! The only difference is...Yoshi is a talking dinosaur and doesn't walk on all fours. Otherwise it would be cool XD previous fighting games, they've done characters as almost everything. never know :p
Nintendo is really uptight about their exclusive titles, but they have made some partnerships with a lot of companies, including Sega. Maybe they would do it once, like Marvel Vs. Capcom, as a promotional game rather than continuing with other franchise properties that aren't their own. Here's hoping though.

Nintendo is great at making characters work for certain games. Take Super Mario 64 for example; there was some speculation before this game came available because Mario worked so well in 2D, but those comments were put down after the game came out. I'm sure if Nintendo and Sega worked together, then they could make Sonic fit in.

That promotion would do so well for them, everyone remembers the competition between Nintendo and Sega in the 90's; this would give Nintendo and Sega fans a much desired chance to have Mario and Sonic duke it out. It would also sell a lot of consoles if it were a launch title with online play. We are talking a big idea here that would attract a big market of nostalgic gamers.

SSB3 as a launch title would be excellent and it would sell a lot of units worldwide. Iwata is pushing Miyamoto to make it a launch title and he's also pushing for a worldwide release of the Revolution. In this case, it would be a perfect system seller.

Epona would be a great character for SSB, but there's the problem of picking up items. Maybe if Epona was an item, then that would be cool. It would be similar to the Hammer, but it would be faster.

Another good idea for an item is the Cuccos. How that would work is a player picks up a Cucco and throws it anywhere on the stage, and if his/her opponent attacks it that foe would be attacked by a flock of Cuccos.

I'm hoping they are to make it a launch title, and I'm also hoping on the Revolution as a whole. Nintendo makes us wait a lot, and some of us are way too impatient :(
Well you never know...Sonic might just make an apperance. I'm not going to get hopeful about it I don't reaaallly see it happening.

Yeah, Epona would work better as an item...would be a really cool item at that.

Cuccos - kinda like the unknowns? Heh yeah that would work quite well :)

All I think of is that...if they're making us'll be for a good reason. And if one of those reasons is to get SSB3 out as a launch title'll help me wait that little bit longer.