Super Smash Bros Melee (revisited)

Yep, it's always fun to play SSB or SSBM.

What's your favorite level? I like Hyrule Temple the best (think that's what is was called, need a refresher). Poké Floats was also kind of neat.
Htrule Temple was my favourite too :) with the Fire Emblem music playing naturally.

It's perhaps one of the least 'fair' levels however, considering you can get well above 300% damage and survive smash attacks as long as you remain below ground. I love the level though :)
(man, it's been a while since I posted anything.....)

I hope they include a similar level in SSB3. Naturally, it would be good for an array of different levels be available for play with any game.

Speaking of, I wonder what new levels they will add to the game. Maybe a Twilight Princess type level, like that one area where Link escapes from his place of imprisonment (seen in the third trailer).
Mm perhaps! That would be quite an interesting level to play...

Star Fox Assasult type of level?

Metroid Prime type as well naturally.

Hmm...that makes me wonder...will they make new levels, based on a lot of GC games? Or will they just be from scratch...or a mix of both.
Could be a little bit of both. That would be interesting if they did make some of both. Maybe they can throw some DS and GBA type levels in the mix.

Hopefully they can all be unique in their own way. They had no problem with level uniqueness with the previous titles, but for this one they can have at least 30 levels when you think of the different game available that can inspire them.

Same goes with characters, now they had a uniqueness problem with them. Several characters had the same character models and mechanics (examples: Ganondorf and Capt. Falcon, Fox and Falco, Mario and Luigi and Dr. Mario). Maybe they change them, seeing it is a new system with new controls.

Speaking of, maybe they can have some new moves added to them as well. Say like Ganondorf can use that big energy attack he used in OoT, or for Link some of those cool moves he uses in Twilight Princess, or maybe the spider ball for Samus.

Makes me wonder what we can experience with this new SSB.........
I'd really love a Pokemon Stadium type, where it rotates between ALL of the games levels during the fight. Or at least another Pokemon stadium where the terrain effects certain moves and items, like fire and stuff ^_^

Oh and I think, even though it would kind of ruin the strictly Nintendoness of the game, put in like HEAPS of characters. Like Sonic and all that, and main characters from obscure Nintendo games. (well we already have the Ice Climbers)

Oh yes, I'd LOVE to see Kommander Ubel and Tsar Gorgi from Battalion Wars in the next SSB, just my little fetish :lol:
I love this game! Most fun on the GCN yet.

Gannon, Ness, Roy, and Samus are my best characters. I've won a few tournaments, so that's how I know I'm good :p
Eh eh eh, Great Fire of London this is.

Today I watched the first vid I've seen of "pros" playing, and it's crazy, all wavedashing around, hopping all over the place, and like always feigning going towards the enemy but pulling back at the last second, like only one attack every 10 seconds, weird. But I suppose if you want to be that great at it you need to know the movesets and mindgames etc, rather than just play in the moment like me and my mates.