Thinking of getting a white saturn

Just gotta couple of quick questions first though. The big one is, am I going to have to do anything to it to make it run on an american power outlet (in other words is the voltage the same?). That's really the big one. Other than that if I do get one is there anything different from the us saturns that I should watch out for (like model1/2 and are the internals the same?).


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As with anything from Japan being used in the US, no there won't be any real problems with the voltage (we're only ~10% up from their standard [not ~110% down like from European voltages])...

If you're REAL paranoid you could do like me and get a two-prong in-line surge protector from APC (for laptops), they're the same two-prong style... =)

If it's a White SEGA Saturn you're getting that already implies that it's a model two (the japanese model ones were dark gray with the same oval button look as the US model ones)...

And as far as internals and pin-counts I'm not real sure on specifics, but I think there was only one production/mnufacturing run of the White Saturn and it used the last BIOS and board revision made.

That's just what I wanted to hear! :D

As of this morning there was a v1 v-saturn, and a v2 v-saturn up on ebay, and a skeleton saturn up on ebay also. I wish I could justify spending the money on a skeleton saturn to mod lol.


I was eying that skeleton saturn as well (early birthday gift for me :banana ). The thing is I have the money, but I just don't know...if it was a blue skeleton saturn I think I would of definitely got it.


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doesnt have to be if you send it by SAL (slow as hell but dirt cheap).

I ordered a white Saturn (400 yen in the junk corner), 7 games (500 yen apiece in some saturn sale), 2 pads (a few more 100Y) plus SAL shipping from Japan to Holland for just 80 euros :D


His switch less region mod sounds awesome, now you don't have to burn everything twice if you have saturns from different regions (or use stupid import carts).
I'm pretty sure it's any switch you want to connect it to, but I haven't looked at it in a while, I just seem to recall people connecting it to the door switch too.


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Ok. I don't get what is so special about the white saturn. I got the V-saturn just because it had a different bios.

But the white saturn is just white... that's all.

You guys all want it because you think white is better than black! You just can't stand to see a Black saturn get ahead. You and "the Man" have been trying to keep the Black saturn down since it first came out!

I have a white saturn now only because I bought an extra black one then applied 2 tubes of "white-out". I call it my "Michael Jackson saturn". :p


Originally posted by jeff-20@Nov 25, 2003 @ 10:58 PM

I have a white saturn now only because I bought an extra black one then applied 2 tubes of "white-out". I call it my "Michael Jackson saturn". :p
Hahahahaha :)