Tile based maps

I'm intrested in making an game engine similar to Shining Force 1, 2 and CD. But I'm not entirely sure where to begin.

I figure that first I will find a way to draw a world/battle map. Which in SF I believe it is tile-based. So I'm look for some kind of tutorials around the lines of reading a tileset and then drawing the map out. Anyone know of any books or websites that could help me out?


Well, if you want to make a tile based maps, you are waaay lucky. Sega Saturn was built for them. basicly, if you find a way to build 8x8 256 color tiles, and getting a 64x64 tile map done (for example), you can just upload it to the Sega Saturn video memory and it will draw it. and move it with no extra code.

The Saturn Programming Tutorial, that's part of the documentation explains how to do that on the Saturn.

Biggest problem, is to draw the tilemaps. If you're handy, there's a link at http://saturndev.emuvibes.com to OpenTUME, a open source tile editor and map creator. You'll never the less need to thinker with C, if you want to see them on the Saturn.

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