Two sega cd shadowrun games?

Hmmm, I was just dumpster diving recently and I discovered some idiot threw out some old Japanese issues of Saturn Fan, so I grabbed em
While skimming through them (I don't read Japanese) I discovered this ad


And here's a closer look at the bottom corner


One game looks like the Genny version, but what are the other two? They don't look like they'd be the SNES version. Does anybody know anything about these?
The first small pic. looks like (at least has the same art) the cover of the First edition Shadowrun book.
Yes, there is a version of Shadowrun for SCD, in Japan only. My friend Mike has a burnt copy of it, I'll have him make me a copy and will upload to a FTP so we all can have it. If you don't understand Japanese, you prob won't like the game much though.