wankers in game stores

Sega, to everybody's surprise, released the Saturn 6 months early. Consequently, some stores were so upset they refused to carry it. That might be why you thought the PSX was out first.
Originally posted by googlefest1@Nov. 25 2002, 12:08 pm

ahh no wonder i saw the psx first

why would the stores be upset?

Because they threw the developers off guard and as a result saturn had a piss poor selection of software for the first few months as developers were scrambling to release something for the system. This of course meant lots of demand for games and a very big lack of them. Stores didn't like it much when they had to shovel the same couple games to customers for a few months before new games were rushed into stores.

The links on the top right have all the history for the listed sega consoles. Very good in depth stuff (expect to read for a while). It's amazing just how much sega fucked up and are still around.
hmmm, intresting stuff, thanks alot for the info guys, its nice to know these things..
bummer thats why stores carried psx first, hmm.... I never knew that. I had allways thought psx came out first.....neato.
The worst are the nutters who think the only place good video games come from is Japan.

Nobody there has any real creative juice anymore. Japan the last 4 years wins the award for most mediocre games in the world. All the companies are just making whatever the customer demographics say is safe to sell. And on the off chance someone does pop up with a creative title, they spend the next 2 years copying it without innovating ont he concept at all.

Mighty boring.

Sega was the only one really breaking the chain with some kickass creative stuff like Samba de Amigo. And honestly, most of thir new stuff since axing the DC just hasn't impressed me. Right now I'm exploring the Taiwaneese and Korean game markets. Lots of new stuff coming out there.