Warning for those people who wish to fix your Saturn for...

Quote: from MasterAkumaMatata on 10:13 pm on Oct. 26, 2001

You play that game a lot too? What a coincidence, so do I. However, now I play it on my computer though (using my SideWinder of course), if you know what I mean ;)

Yeah, I know what you mean... another coincidence is that I have first hand experience with what you mean, and the Sidewinder is definitely the gamepad of choice for Street Fighter :) I still like the Saturn more because my TV is much larger than my crappy 15" standard monitor, and my recliner is more comfortable than an office chair.

I still think that SFA2 is the best Street Fighter still... even though I love Capcom's newer stuff, it's all just too #### hyper!
Quote: from ExCyber on 4:54 am on Oct. 28, 2001

It's pretty pointless to say that one is better than the other; it's like arguing about whether Gradius or R-Type is better: they both kick ass - just play them both :).

No need to argue... R-Type r0x0rs more than gradius ;)
I love the sidewinder, but mine is starting to give flaky performance, and Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, apparently decided that nobody needs the original Sidewinder anymore (replacing it with the "Freestyle Pro" and "Plug and Play" versions, neither of which has the right feel). It makes me wonder if there's some kind of secret police making sure that no PC gamepad can exceed the quality level of a crappy 3rd-party console gamepad (of course, most of them are built like bad 3rd-party PSX pads...)

I think I'm going to make a parallel port adapter for a Genesis controller and use DirectPad Pro (the site mysteriously vanished a few months ago, but it's still floating around on various emu sites).

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You could always get one of the USB adapter things and use the console controller of your choice. I've got a Smart Joy and it works great.
I'd love to do that, but I've never seen one of those mass-produced for anything but PSX pads, and I know there's a guy who makes them for N64, but neither of those really works for me - the PSX button layout is IMO sub-optimal (four shoulder buttons? were they that bent on cloning the core SNES layout?), and N64, while not bad for N64-targeted games (Sin and Punishment and Star Fox 64 come to mind as games that put the layout to excellent use), strikes me as not being the layout I'd want to use for an intense session of, say, Gradius III (or R-Type Leo, for that matter :)). So really, I can't use the console controller of my choice with a spiffy USB adapter :(. I'll probably just make a parallel port adapter for 6-button genny like I was saying before...
Isn't there one to use DC controllers on PC? Maybe I'm mistaken. However, even with only PSX pads as an option... there are controllers with the "six button" style available for PSX.
logic 3 used to do an explorer 32 pad, which has connectors for both psx and saturn, but with the saturn button layout

that should work on a psx converter