wtb: silver Japanese Saturn

I'm semi-interested in buying a silver Japanese Saturn.

I'm looking for the unit with power and a/v cables and at least one controller. I might be interested in some games, but those aren't importrant, although a country-bypass cart would be a plus.

I see these go for $100 on ebay, usually with a lot of games. That's quite a bit more than I want to spend, but I'm not unreasonable.
Originally posted by King M@May 8, 2003 @ 09:17 AM

Nope, I mean a silver one, like


I think the silver units are model 1, and the white ones are model 2.

He means the grey (gray) model 1 original jap saturn. There never was any silver saturn released anywhere.
Well, I don't see you getting one cheaper than $100. There isn't any point when people WITH money are willing to pay for that, without shipping, on ebay. Same with the more saught after While consoles.
On that ebay auction one of the included games is Metal Slug, which commonly goes upwards of 80 to 100$, so I think that's driving the price up big time. I doubt it should be too tough to find a grey standalone unit for under $70. If it is so tough, I'll gladly let go of my unit for $100 to whoever wants it. Same goes for my white Saturns.
I managed to get a boxed white Saturn with 4 games for $100 shipped (from Japan) on ebay, so it can be done. And the grey ones are generally cheaper I think.