Where is Saturn Shenmue 2021?, good article by Sega Saturn Shiro.

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GBA Castlevania : Portrait of Ruin hacked with Richters outfit from Sega Saturn Castlevania

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"This simple Castlevania : Portrait of Ruin hack is just a reskin for Richter to give him his Saturn outfit. Some sprites were edited to fit and the sprites were ripped by Tailikku. Otherwise everything will be left unchanged with some fixes to some of the text. Hope y’all like it!"

Sega 32x running 32,768 color video by Victor Luchitz

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Fenrir ODE beta 21 pins update 2021

Hidden Palace releases 700+ PS2 protos, some Sega games in the pile.

REminiscence - Flashback for Dreamcast updated 2021

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Update By Ian micheal
fast cutscenes
-fullspeed now
-full english bug fixed
-Pvr dma double buffer no more screen tearing fixed
15 bit colour fixed 16 bit alignment and memory no more shaking and more speed
--todo music looping not sure if i should fix this

This is not the sold version but homebrew update to troys port.

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