Full sprite rips for every known version of Shining Force III by Knight0fDragon

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"Full sprite rips for every known version of Shining Force III (except the OG beta, which is same as final afaik) I've added a couple of .txt files documenting the IDs, they're most likely not complete, but still very useful for trying to navigate the folders."


A batch of 3DO Panasonic M2 games dumped on archive.org by Video Game Esoterica

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Bulk Slash translation patch released for Saturn

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Bulk Slash English localization project
Bulk Slash English localization project
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Announcing an English localization of Sega Saturn cult classic action game Bulk Slash!

Developed by CA Production and published by Hudson in 1997, Bulk Slash is one of the Saturn's best games, combining impressive 3D graphics with fast gameplay that allows the player to switch between a bipedal...

Dune - The Battle For Arrakis - Mouse support hack by ChillyWilly

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"Sega Mega Mouse patch for “Dune - The Battle For Arrakis” on the Sega Genesis. You need a pad in port one, and a Mega Mouse in port 2. The pad is used as normal to start a game, then the main game screen is controlled by the...

Rush San Francisco 2049 alpha build released by Sega Dreamcast Info...

openMenu - Public alpha Release (2021-12-5) for DC by Mrneo240

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* Catalogs 466 known USA+PAL retail games with Metadata & Boxart (covers 99%+)
* Catalogs ~85 popular JAP retail games with Metadata & Boxart.
* Catalogs 27 ported Atomiswave games with Metadata & Boxart.
* Higher compatibility loading using GDMENU...

How to make a portable Saturn by China TZMWX

Phantasy Star Deluxe Edition for J2ME/Java telephones fan translated by...

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"In 2004, Sega released a Java-based version of Phantasy Star for mobile phones. It had several differences and enhancements, which piqued the interest of international players when they discovered its existence. A Chinese version was developed in 2009 for...

Congratulations to Mr^Burns on his 200th news post

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this was his 200th news post

lets all give him a big round of applause :)


People working on cracking the ending files in Nights to find unused boss

Playable penguin found in the unported/unemulated Sega arcade game Power Sled

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