Sonic Dash Extreme & House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn running in TeknoParrot

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"Sonic Dash Extreme is an updated version of the iOS/Android title Sonic Dash developed for arcades. Sonic Dash Extreme plays very similarly to the mobile game it is based on, albeit with...

Saturn controller adapter for MiSTer by Cyo the vile

SATURN-FPKG - Convert Saturn Games into PS4 Fpkgs

Will's SaturnSwitchers for retaining cdrom with Fenrir

Non Casual Encounter for Dreamcast is on sale

New Hideki Sato Interview on the Saturn

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Chinese translated Sega Saturn games pack

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One thing to note is that Princess Crown has been fan translated into both Chinese and Korean but not English :)

NiGHTS into Dreams - Shockwave bonus game from old Sega site

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Sonic 3D Blast - Shockwave bonus game from old Sega site

Sega: Match This! - Shockwave bonus game from old Sega site

Worldwide Soccer: Penalty Shoot Out - Shockwave bonus game from old Sega site

Wachenroder fan translation beta for Saturn released by Knight0fdragon

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"Merry XMas everybody. Here is the first rough beta test for Wachenroder. Most of the text is injected, but there is still spots here and there I need to find as I play though the game. I am also aware of alignment issues when saving in battle, as well as...

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