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I know that the carts' main functions are to supply cheats (why bother?) and to play import games, as well as provide 4meg backup, but do they play backup CD-Rs? I've got a 20-pin saturn and I'm just concerned that I'll stuff the drive with the swap trick. So, does this cart (or any other) play backups?
I think I'll just get a 21 pin board and all the fixins just in case I come across a cheap Model 2 Saturn. I emailed about their alleged 20/21 pin board, and they never replied, so I'm thinking it's a bust.
The saturn motor is "resistance sensitive", meaning it stops when you swap disks. This keeps it from burning out. Notice during swap how it'll come to a stop while you change disks? A playststaion won't do that. The chip is a nice luxury, but not absolutely necessary.
A Saturn is no more necessary than a mod board. Not like I LIKE swapping discs, but the games have a better chance of booting if you give the copied game a boost spin after you lock it in place. Just don't spin it backward. This of course is step 3b....
Maybe it would be a good idea to start a faq forum here! Oh yeah.....they already do. it's called the misc. section!:)
Peace falstaff, I read everything on the misc section before asking my question :)

In regards to giving the CD's a boost spin - it was something I was doing when I spent an hour trying to get my first CD-R going. It took me that long to realise that the problem was simply that I'd forgotten to SatConv it! (what a wanker). But the practise must have done me good, because it starts every time now even without a boost spin.