Best burning program..


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First off, I have:

OS: Windows XP

CDR: Que! Drive (Mitsumi CR-4804TE)

Based on this, what burning program would you reccomend for Saturn ISO/MP3?


Preferably, a program that either don't need a cuesheet or makes one for you, also.


Originally posted by Taelon@Dec. 14 2002, 8:37 pm

Either CDRWin or Nero, along with Sega Cue Maker (to be found in the SegaXtreme Misc page).

I couldn't see it anywhere...

Lodger's Saturn Cue Maker can be found here.


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hehe! I also have a Mitsumi CR-4804TE ....

I though nobody else had it...

Mine is 4x (only...) but never had problems burning saturn games... You just have to make sure you convert your isos from mode1/2048, to mode1/2352 (this burner only allows raw images)... but if you have to patch the country code, patch it when it is in mode1/2048, and then convert to mode1/2352, with iso2raw (you can find it on here, download the dos package named, iso2raw it's in there...

I always use fireburner/cdrwin ...

Maybe you don't have to do that mode1/2048 -> mode1/2352 conversion...