Can Daemon Tools be used to play SegaCD images on emulators?

Hi all, this is my very first post on this board(so go easy on this NewB, plz :D). I have used Daemon tools 300 for psx images on VGS before, and it worked fine. I've tried it with segacd images and emulators, but haven't had any luck getting the two to work together. Has any tried, and had any luck with these? Also, is there a way to convert the iso+mp3 files into either a single iso, or a bin+cue combo? Thanks in advance for any help, it is greatly appreciated.
Have you cofigured the emulator correctly?

Gens, Ages and Xega all run from isos.

It might take some work though.
Lol ya, I stopped my Crystalmethod's hub on direct connect (, and he showed me the ropes. The only thing is, when I run sonic cd, I get no music, and I have all the mp3 tracks. Lunar ran with full music, so i have no clue what the prb with sonic is. Oh well, I'm not really complaining, as I'm just happy to have it working perfectly otherwise. Thanks a lot guys, cya around.
i'll reply to you since people tend to get angry answering the same question over and over again. just name the sonic iso soniccd.iso then just name all the tracks like this soniccd01.mp3 soniccd02.mpe and so on i think that will make the music work.