Can I request a soundtrack?

Can someone give out the soundtrack to Earthworm Jim? Specifically the track "Living on a Landmine". It's the track that play when you are fighting the free falling chicken, or the helicopter part of the last level.

I heard this track on G4's Electronic Playground in the background, it's by Tommy T, the host of the show, from when he used to work as a Video Game Musician, and the song got stuck in my head from that show, and I remembered all the way back to when I played Earthworm Jim the song was so good.

If someone could put up either the soundtrack for the soundtrack section, or just give me a mp3 of that track, I would, well, love you forever if that's how you swing. ;)


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Why not? :)

If anyone has the soundtrack please speak up. I'm sure that Iceman would gladly host it here.

It might just take a while though. ;)