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I have like 2 Memory cards full I would love to backup. The link I found for the fakefloppy doesnt work... does any one know a backup link? or is anyone selling them?


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You could buy a rom programmer with the appropriate TSOP adapters and desolder the flash rom on the carts for dumping, but if a Satiator is out of your budget then I'd guess this would be too.


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I was reading the beginning of this thread and the "fake Floppy" was something that looked like someone developed to replace the expensive reaI floppy drive. I tried to find the MiniModem but I could figure out how it worked with windows. Also once I have it on the PC I assume with the Save Extractor it cant get back. @slinga Is there a way to get make the program so I could use the link cable and run the save copier on both Saturns to move saves between cards?
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Here's what I would do:
1) Backup all saves from Saturn->PC with Save Game Extractor. Verify the MD5 hashes are correct.
2) Burn all saves to disk and copy from PC->Saturn with Save Game Copier. SGC can copy saves from CD to the backup cart.

Another user got minimodem to work on Windows. I would recommend just setting up a Linux VM.