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I have like 2 Memory cards full I would love to backup. The link I found for the fakefloppy doesnt work... does any one know a backup link? or is anyone selling them?


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You could buy a rom programmer with the appropriate TSOP adapters and desolder the flash rom on the carts for dumping, but if a Satiator is out of your budget then I'd guess this would be too.
I was reading the beginning of this thread and the "fake Floppy" was something that looked like someone developed to replace the expensive reaI floppy drive. I tried to find the MiniModem but I could figure out how it worked with windows. Also once I have it on the PC I assume with the Save Extractor it cant get back. @slinga Is there a way to get make the program so I could use the link cable and run the save copier on both Saturns to move saves between cards?
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Here's what I would do:
1) Backup all saves from Saturn->PC with Save Game Extractor. Verify the MD5 hashes are correct.
2) Burn all saves to disk and copy from PC->Saturn with Save Game Copier. SGC can copy saves from CD to the backup cart.

Another user got minimodem to work on Windows. I would recommend just setting up a Linux VM.


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I made two. One needs to really pushed in or one of the pins don't connect properly. The other works better. If I were to get more boards I'd probably do a bit of adjustments. In the end it works which it what I was hoping for.

So technically with that connector you have full access to both master/slave serial and the midi.

I guess the adapter could be modified to allow standard USB communication to Saturn.

Would be nice to write a simple Saturn program to test the connector but I got zero Saturn programming experience.

So many possibilities so little time.

How much did all of this cost?

This would be good to have for people who don't have access to a USB dev cart.
Since some time ago I wanted to do something similar to zone66x, so based in his job Ive done my own serial saturn to usb cable.

If anyone interested I can upload pcb designs, also got some spare pcbs and components.

At the moment I use cable for uploading code to saturn, I needed it because I don have dev cart and I was limited to AR comms link.

Edit: I was cleaning the car in my garage, and forget to upload one pic.


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