Dark Wizard

Anyone ever have trouble burning Dark Wizard for the Sega CD?

I burned the game (ISO+MP3) and it plays fine, but most of the music will not play.

I tried converting to WAV files and making CUE sheet for it (it didn't come with one), but neither of those methods worked.

I tried burning with Nero, which is what I burn almost everything in with good results. I also burned it at 2x to ensure stability.

I burned Popfull mail (also ISO+MP3), with the same settings and it worked perfectly.

Are there any widely known issues of a bad rip of Dark Wizard going around?

Did you make your cuesheet using Lodger's Cue Maker or did you make it manually? Also, when burning with Nero, did you load the cue sheet (i.e., File > Burn Image...) to burn or just burn the ISO file by itself?
I used the Cue maker and loaded the cue, and tried to just load the ISO diectly, neither method owrked out.

I also fogot to mention that all the MP3's check out correctly and play as they should in winamp/media player/etc.

According to GameFAQs, Dark Wizard is a Japanese region game. Do you have a Japanese Sega CD (i.e., MegaCD), if not a MultiBIOS Sega CD? If neither, you may want to convert the country code of the ISO file to match your system's country code before burning using SCDConv 2.5 found in the Miscellaneous section. Since I don't see Dark Wizzard listed under the Compatibility List, it's hard to say whether SCDConv 2.5 will work, you'll just have to give it a try.
That's the thing... the game itself runs fine.. just not the music.

Essentially.. if I burn the raw ISO in Nero, the game runs fine, but none of the music tracks work.

If I make a cue sheet to burn the ISO +MP3(or converted to wav), the game does not work at all.

Try burning it Track-At-Once (TAO) with the cue sheet to see if that helps. The latest versions of Nero should have the option for TAO.
Hmm.. I usually burn in DAO, as I find that to work more often than not, but I'll try TAO next time.

Right now I'm giving fireburner a shot, as CDRWin flipped out on my when it tried to send the Cue Sheet to the burner.

If that doesn't work, I'll give nero another shot, and if THAT doesn't work, I'll figure out why CDRWin doesn't like the cuesheet.