Dracula X Nocturne in the Moonlight

I downloaded dracula x nocturne in the moonlight it was spaned over a bunch of rars..

i opened the rar and uncompressed the 412mb iso.. but lo an behold - no audio files at all.. this is the first ive seen of this

Is it incomplete and i need the mp3 or will it still have sound and play fine like that? o-O;
It could just be that it has a warning audio track and whoever ripped it felt it was unneccesary.

You know, the one about not playing the disc in an audio cd player.
i own the game i know there is a warning msg.. the psx people got a remix track after the warning on theirs
but the saturn people got treated to new areas more music and playability of maria and richter.. no CV is complete without a Belmont! muchless Marias better endings leave the door wide open for a Summoner Vampire Kickboxer! HAH!
never seen this game, downloading it now off a private ftp. is it in english? if not, is it playable?
Aside from two poorly drawn new wings and being able to select richter and maria fromt he star tof th egame, it's identical to the PSX one (well, there's a LOT of transparency flaws but nevermind that).

No, it's in Japanese only.
Saturn's version also has added a few remixes of Bloody Tears, Vampire Killer and Beginning. And Alucard has three hands to carry stuff with, whereas the PSX version he only has two. Weird.
It also has a Sound Test directly available, to listen to all the music, without having to unlock it as you have to do with the PSX version.
it might be a complete cd image. i just popped in my cd and its 402 MB. or 421,955,584 bytes. there are no audio tracks to listen to on a normal cd player. and its 49 min. and 49 seconds. just burn it and play it.
No, it uses some type of raw adpcm. Can't remember the exact specs. Just try opening a music file in a program that allows you to open raw adpcm(like sound forge) and screw around with the various settings until it sounds like music.

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