Dracula X Extended mod patch by paul_met

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First of all, this is not a translation. But some elements had to be translated into English for some reason.

Main features:
  • Restoration of translucency of many objects;
  • English translation of some elements;
  • Direct access to the global map;
  • Finalization of the global map;
  • Restoration of the original proportions of some sprites;
  • Removing horizontal black bars of the screen;
  • Skipping videos and dialogues;
  • Access to Richter’s alternate costume;
  • Reduced loading time;
  • Support for 4MB expansion card;
  • Bug fixes;
More details you can found in the readme file.

Update in version 1.1
  • Fixed a palette of haze around the artifact;
  • Blocked entry to the pause menu from the map;
Download: Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight - Extended
It would be cool to update the first post to add that there's a new version of this patch, called "Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight - Ultimate" which is fully translated into English using the PSP script (English Dub and Text) and also has all of these features already mentioned but refined and optimized.

Official Hack release site with download link below:
Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight - Ultimate [Meduza Team] - Version 1.0
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The ultimate patch got it's first update:

Changes in version 1.1
• Increased overall performance in the game (increased CPU frequency);
• Removed voids at the top of the screen in some locations;
• Improved “Hard Mode” (enemies deal 2X damage);
• Added translucency of clouds against the background of the moon (flickering);
• Added translucency to the large window in Count Dracula's apartment;
• The name of the current location is now displayed in teleport rooms;
• Fixed the flame palette in the prologue (before the picture burns);
• Fixed a bug with the palette of a huge skull in an inverted castle;
• Fixed minor bugs in pop-up messages;

More in the description of the video below:
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This is truly a fantastic hack for the original obscure and mostly disregarded Saturn port of Symphony of the Night.
I've been playing through it for a bit, and I only have a couple of points, which I'm not sure if others have already tried tackling, as I'd like to have them as options for this hack:
  • Has someone managed to get the original title screen logo from Symphony of the Night into this hack? Having an option to put back the original title for the game would be nice.
    Like the actual "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night" logo for both the title screen and loading screen (or any other instance I might be missing). "Dracula X: Nocturne of Moonlight" might be the actual translation of the title from Japanese, but many have grown accustomed to Symphony of the Night.

  • Has someone managed to get the original PSX English audio dub as an optional patch? It'd be nice to have the option to either choose to have the PSX or the PSP English dubs, without forcing one or the other.

first thx for everything. was having a blast.
was, because, i lost my saved file...
I was playing on kronos 2.6.1 and almost finished first castle. I quit the game and then when i started again from 2 days ago my save was gone!
It's probably the emulator's fault but i have no idea why it's gone or where as i have not changed any configuration.

is it there ? => that the default directory (and i haven't changed that)
=> just checked on my computer, this directory does not exist... dunno if it's a writting right issue or what...?!?

thx again