gah, stupid auction at ebay

arg, i ordered a sega saturn from swapusa through ebay, and they are supposed to be known for their fast shipping and crap... well, ive paid everything including shipping the minute i won the auction, then i waited... i got the tracking number the week after (since it was like saturday when i won, i got the tracking number the following monday), i tried tracking four days in a row, but its still saying 'billing information recieved' and it said the scheduled delivery is august 19th... it wouldve shipped four days ago, knowing how long it would take for a package to get from georgia to washington on ground, it wouldve taken a whole week. so much for their fast shipping practices...
UPS is all screwed up actually...

I had a package arrive at my house and their info still said "Billing Information Received".

You need to contact swapusa for a more accurate estimation.
damn... i was worried for a while... thanks for confirming that w/ me, i already contacted swapusa last night though :p
just relax. i can imagine u at your pc hittin the refresh button on your browser to check the status of your item sweating liek a sausage