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Game Saves collect project

Discussion in 'Saturn Dev' started by vbt, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. cafe-alpha

    cafe-alpha Member

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  2. Madroms

    Madroms New Member

    This is a great project.
    Thanks to ReyVGM for all these great save files.

    You can also find some Save Data on the JPN web.
    For example, some at these addresses:
    On this last website, there are some Deza2 save games I don't have on satakore.com :D

    Btw, I always want to make a complete database for all tips and tricks + save games for Saturn games. But too much work. It could be great to add to the To Do List an AR/XT support with a very large AR/XT codes databases :D There are some very big books in Japan with a lot of codes that need to be made available on the web or Saturn specific software.
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  3. cafe-alpha

    cafe-alpha Member

    Welcome back on sx forums :]
    Thank you for the links, but unfortunately I don't have enough time to both develop save data manager and take screenshots for new Dezaemon entries.
    It's surprising to find relatively new (2015) entries for Dezaemon 2 ! Sega Saturn forever ! :banana:
  4. Madroms

    Madroms New Member

    I dumped the Urawaza Dataro Cartridge some years ago. It has some interesting save data for 34 JPN games.
    Just that it is a Memory Cartridge with bootable header (like action replay and some other extended memory carts), that goes back to the saturn menu and when you go to memory manager, it then appears as Backup Memory Cart (which is not really). SS Backup RAM Parser could load it but it seems it is not 100% compatible.
    SSF doesn't work with this cart (error msg when accessing the memory manager), but I successfully loaded it on Yabause WIP 08.05.2016 v0.9.14 (it doesn't work old v0.9.13). So I can transfer save data from this cart to Yabause Memory cart. So, if you are interested and if I send you the bkram.bin file, could you extract save data from it ?
    And if so, is it better to have 1 bkram.bin per save data ?

    Btw, Yabause need to allow new Cartridge formats: 64kb/500KBit (like satellite) and 128kb/1MBit (like this cartridge and some others). Both read only. I was able to load this cartridge by choosing Pro Action Replay but Yabause rewrote it to a 2MBit file.
  5. cafe-alpha

    cafe-alpha Member

    Great ! I'm definitely interested with theses saves :)
    It seems to be a "Memory Card Plus" based cartridge. My Memory Card Plus has the same behavior (shows multiplayer just after SEGA logo).

    I merged SS Backup RAM Parser save data parsing stuff to Save Data Manager, and I personally prefer to keep save data as close as possible to their original state, so if you still have the raw dump file, I would be glad to add it to Save Data Manager.
    (I'll verify that save data are consistent, and in the eventual case of problem, I will extract them one by one by using Yabause)

    2MBit (256KB) is Action Replay "standard" size for flash ROM. Unused bytes are just considered as zero bytes, so smaller dumps should be compatible (at least for reading).
  6. Madroms

    Madroms New Member

    Ok, so I will probably make the dump available quickly for everyone. I will send it by email so you will be able to test it before. It is better to share a good dump ;)

    yes, smaller dumps are working but, as they are smaller and Yabause opens them as R/W, it overwrites your dumps and fills it with unnecessary bytes. Yabause needs to open such ROMS as Read Only, not like Action Replay that need to be opened as R/W.
  7. cafe-alpha

    cafe-alpha Member

    In advance, thank you :)

    I agree with you, but rather than adding a type for each cartridges available, it should be better to keep only "Pro Action Replay" type, and overwrite ROM file on HDD only when its contents was modified.

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