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Here is the SAGE 2021 demo : SAGE 2021 - Demo - Hellslave : Project Z-Treme
I didn't have enough time to implement everything I wanted, so sadly it's not as complete as I hoped. It features only deathmatch (up to 8 players), with bots, so you can actualy play in a single player match against 7 bots.
I didn't have time to optimize the bots' AI, so with more bots the game will struggle.
Optimizing it would be a 2-3 hours thing max, but work has been very busy recently!
I also didn't have time to finish the maps Josh made, the forest temple and a cool looking ship, so that's something I plan to complete in the future, but I'll be taking a break for the next couple of weeks or months, so we'll see.

The only video that came out so far - I didn't even have time to do one myself - is this one, showing 3 out of the 5 maps currently in the demo:
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Hey, we have been playing the new hellslave sage 2021 deathmatch demo over the weekend and i have to say its excellent. In my opinion its already the best multiplayer game on the sega saturn and is so much fun. Every update you do the game just keeps getting better and better. I have also done a video that talks about the games progression and also showing off the five new maps from the sage 2021 demo. Thank you for all the great work you are doing and hope you enjoy the video.
This looks damn incredible, what an achievement! Considering how highly regarded Lobotomy is as a studio for their games, seeing this level of technical wizardry and gameplay coming out of a hobby project is astounding. Not to mention that 4 player split screen like this would have blown people out of their socks in 1997!