Looking for a poster...


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Yo, I remember having a poster, that came out when the MegaDrive first came out over here in the states. However, my dad threw it out with a few other things a couple years ago. I really enjoyed that poster. On the front, it had parts of cover art from games like... Last Battle, Golden Axe, Super-Hang On (not sure about Super Hang On...). On the back, it hyped the MegaDrive, and had a whole ton of games featured with descriptions of the games. I'm trying to find this poster. I liked looking at it (I love reading things that hype products, like that poster, how it hyped the MD/Genny and all those games). Anyone have it that is willing to part with it?


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speaking of posters...

has anybody came across a good site to buy game posters with a decent selection other than eBay?

all the stuff that came up on my Google search was crap
heh heh heh....i just found an old poster I got with my Megadrive all those years ago......Sonic on one side, on the other...a slection of the VERY early games to come out...