Lunar: The Silver Star

OK I am stuck in Lunar 1.

Here's the situation: I'm in the sewers of Merbia chasing the crook that stole the dragon diamond.

Problem is I just ran across The water dragon and I keep getting killed, and the flame spell doesn't help.

How do I get past him? Been trying for a week.

I really don't want to use a walkthrough because it would give too much of the game away.
Yeah, I remember that boss messing me up the first couple times(kinda sucks cause Ramus can't do shit, cept use herbs). If I recall, I did more leveling up around that part of the game than any other. That was like 8 years ago or something, when I was still in the 8th grade.

Phantasy Star III and Lunar were the first 2 RPGs I ever owned, ah the memories. ^^
ME ME! I know I know!

Ok do this! If your a DEDICATED Rpger! Head to Althenas shrine. Walk around the area and LVL UP! Dont let ramus fight, have him RUN! Im serious. Alex gains double EXP then. Also if alex dies your not game over. Use the shrine to heal. Lvl up to like 15. Get the Flaming spell. (Little drops of fire) anyways WHEN you can, buy alex a Saber! (4000 I belive) This will allow Alex to FIGHT instead of casting. (Will do 40-45 DMG which will kill most things) Once you can, above the shrine is a heal stone, play "checkpoints" Walk from that one, then walk straight down till you find the other one. Keep walking back and forth fighting till you got good lvls. Dont worry about Ramus... ignore him and have him run. Soon after you have the spells (lvl 19-21 would be GREAT as then the NEXT part of your quest will be a BREEZE!) If he has saber your set, NOW what to do, go to dragon to fight! Have ramus attack! (Get him killed this way Alex gets a shitload of XP) now cast away, bout 3-4 Fire drops and hes dead! ALSO BEHIND the door after you kill dragon, goto the TOP of that thing (Iside door) behind the walls (where you cant see) are CHESTS! Get them! Then confront Dross. Hope that helps! =)
Thanks Mysitc! I will try that out.

I don't care if Ramus gets killed, he's been next to worthless since we arrived on the mainland. (well he does get attacked alot, saves me some hit points

I wish I still had Nash and Luna in the party, it's tough without them.

OK, I'm off to slay some dragons....
Just do what I say...Oh tip. After dragon... Un equip ramus stuff... make SURE ramus dies. If he doesnt Alex dont get the double XP he needs.
Well, I did what you said to the letter.

I killed the dragon and Rumus is toast.

Now I am hunting for the dragonmaster who's been attacking Lann in the caverns under the island off the coast .

Wish me luck
actually when the dragon kills ramus, nall transports him outta there, that just means he gets no experience points.

So he actually does live.

Funny thing is after we got the diamond back first thing he did was take off!!

Oh well I got a better party now, Nash and Jessica so who needs Ramus?? LOL
Originally posted by Mysticales@June 15 2002,14:29

Ok do this! If your a DEDICATED Rpger! Head to Althenas shrine. Walk around the area and LVL UP!

I though dedicated RPGers frowned upon intentional over-leveling up? Tut tut Myst, taking the cowards way out. I thought better of you

Is it possible for this Ramus guy to live? You all sound so evil killing him off on purpose, he is a collection of pixels.. NOT A NUMBER!
Um no Myname... Let me ask you this.... would YOU spend 4-5 hours just walking around, talking, fighting things (So you get the cash) and so? Let me ask you ALL a stupid question... where are the hidden chests in the game? Theres a few and the guide books DONT tell you them, everytime I played I found something new. Also how many of you can say you can play Lunar in your sleep? Seems I can, Sis woke me up asking if I was playing, i was like HUH? Next thing I knew I was 3 hours ahead of then when I left off! (I had a SG Pro Pad, so basically I could control the game with one hand and have one button macro for the fights.) Was fun, ALSO did you know


That in the "Dark Times" in the end of the game, if you fight in the zone above lawn, There is a shrine there with some tough monsters, even in the begining of the game. When you fight them, you get chances to win the "seeds of power up". Also as for ramus, I dont work on him anymore. He leaves, So at first I lvl alex up at weird woods, Then im set for Meribia when Ill buy Alex a saber to walk around killing all without magic. ALSO once I got my lvl 19 or so Cave of trial was a BREEZE... Cast, Flee, cast, flee, flee, cast, cast, cast, DEAD!

Oh trust me... Im very good and know all the tricks in lunar.. Try this. AI mode. The setting, turn it to "ON" this way when Alex can do 3 or 4 attacks... when you cast magic, he will attack right after the spell! There was only one real hard boss... That was the black dragon. That and something else... anyways have the barriers up and cloud potions...

Ok im done now... OH btw.. I still have ALL lunar maps in my head... Can get through it like that and know what chests were good and what to ignore...

Final tip... Give mia a staff that she can cast with...
Originally posted by Mysticales@June 16 2002,19:33

Havent you learned that Lunar is my life yet?

Of course I've learned, that's why I was winding you up. Looks like it worked
Lets tell the FULL story pls....

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