Mr. Kitties gonna die

What would you do?

  • Let him die in peace

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  • Finance 6 more months of his life

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  • Put him down

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My cats 14 years old and he's stopped eating for the last couple weeks.

I took him to a vet at Petsmart and he found a tumor in the cats gut he wants to do blood tests and surgery the whole things gonna cost maybe $1,000. On one hand he's like a part of my life almost like a child on the other hand dudes like 110 years old in cat years, whatever life he has left probably gonna be pretty limited and not very fulfilling.

I had guessed his teeth went bad and he was eating cause it hurt, the vet said his teeth were ok not perfect and not the problem.

So what do you think you'd do? Me I want to get a second opinion at a real vets office. Problem is soonest appionment I can make is Tuesday. The vet we saw is pro euthanasia about everything. He had about 20 letters on his wall saying thanks for helping us make that tough decision and being there for us.

If push came to shove the only way I'd want to put him to sleep is if he appeared to be in intense pain, otherwise I'd just like him to pass in peace. My wife and I are in a big fight she doesn't want to spend one cent to save his life.
My cat got also the same thing(tumor on gut) some years ago, he was older (above 17). The vet said it was not worth to operate the cat so we gave him good food in small piece till the end.

I know someone who had the same problem with her cat recently and tried to health her but it was worse than leaving the cat eating small food(the cat was suffering more), she finally agreed with the vet (euthanasia).

Well it depends if there is a hope to save your cat or not.
I would check it out with a real vet -- a good one.

Years ago one of our dogs was having serious problems, including blood coming out the rear. The local (real) vet said we needed to put her down, and another vet (the second opinion) said the same.

At more or less the last moment before we decided to go ahead with their recommendation, we brought the dog to a more expensive vet near the twin cities (quite a drive) -- took about 15 minutes for them to tell us she ate rat poison, gave us some meds to give her, and she was fine the next morning. The 3rd vet didn't have any trouble finding the problem at all.
I had to put him to sleep, 3 vets said to do so.

At the last doctors office I tolld them to look inside(his intestines) and if they thought that surgery could even extend his life by a matter of months then to do it.

Once inside the doctor said the cats body had started to eat itself and even with the surgery he didnt think the cat would regain its apetite.

He gave the cat two painfull weeks to live. So I told him to put it to sleep.

That was last wenesday.
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